Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer Survival Kit: Leather Like Vases

My turn, my turn!

Wow...that came around fast. It is my time to host again.

If you are new to this series, click here to go directly to Andrea at Mommy Snack's site and all the details of this wonderful Summer Series she put together for us all. You will also find links to all past projects, in case you want to catch up or pick and choose one's that interest you!

So, to stay true to my "not very crafty" skills, I have another VERY easy craft for you and the kids.

I am also staying true to my garden theme. If you haven't heard me blog about this before, I love my flower gardens. And, my previous craft was a hummingbird feeder to enjoy in our summer gardens with the kids.

Well, this time, it is time to make a vase with the kids and go to your gardens to cut some flowers and bring indoors.

Here is what you need:
  • Empty bottle or jar ( cost..hopefully free, if you have extras around the house )
  • Masking tape ( I bought some for a couple bucks )
  • Shoe Polish ( we had this at home )
  • Cloth rag ( I cut up my hubby's old T shirt )

What to do?

  • Cover the bottle with pieces, strips and cut up pieces of the tape. Overlap all the tape.
  • Use the rag, and apply the polish to the tape.
  • Let Dry
  • Cut flowers, place in your new vase and enjoy!

Now, didn't I tell you? Easy!


Andrea said...

Carrie - thanks for the host post again! I'm glad blogger is working for ya now :-) I'm gonna need your help to keep my flowers alive since you've got me making these vases...LOL!

t said...

Looks like they have a family series too with those with older children.(ages 6-18) Tickets for kids are $5 not sure what adult tickets are.