Saturday, August 9, 2008

Blogger Issues Persist

OK, I just got off the Blogger Help site, and there is still a group of us that cannot access our back end Edit Posts area and, for whatever reason, this is also tied into none of our feeds or email subscription services working!

So, with that said, I apologize AGAIN!

Until Blogger gets this up and fixed, you will have to manually come to my site to see my updates daily.

On top of that, I am postponing my August Giveaway until my feeds are working. Mainly, because you will not be able to get the August Keyword to enter if you aren't getting a feed.

As soon as all the errors are fixed, I will let you know what the Monthly Raffle will be.

1 comment:

Corrie said...

I subscribe to your feed via Google Reader and was able to read your posts through it tonight. You had 6 new posts just now. Hopefully it's working for you again now :-).