Monday, August 4, 2008

Cheap Vitamin Alternative

Nature Made

Well, if you are simply taking multi-vitamins...and a women of child-bearing years, click here to read my post on how I get paid hundreds to take my vitamins each year. And, how you can benefit if you have other prescriptions you need to take monthly, too.

But, if have other vitamins you take, too, I would like to send a huge thank you to topaztook for letting me know about the Nature Made Vitamin Wellness Rewards Program. You can click here to read the details for their site. Last time I posted about their free vitamin samples, she commented on this wonderful program.

The gist of the program is this. Just like the Coke, Pampers and other programs, each item has a point value attached to via a code you will find on the product. Want to know what your vitamin is worth? Click here.

Once you reach 500 points or more, you can redeem them for at least a $5 Coupon towards your next vitamin purchase or a $7 Coupon. And, if you watch for sales...especially at CVS and Walgreens, you can potenitally get your vitamins for next to nothing, free, or make money on them! I will definitely let you know next time I see them marked down, so you can take advantage!

And, as an added benefit, don't forget Caregivers Marketplace gives you rebates on Nature Made products. SOOOO...if you are buying any of the listed products, you get another $1.00 back per item. ( their site appears to be down today...if I find out this program has ended...I will let you know. As of now, I assume it is still valid, since I just got a check a few weeks ago ).

Before you go out and begin buying your Nature Made Vitamins, don't forget they are still offering a free sample of your choice of vitamins. Click here to order your free sample, too.

And, as I continue to update my site, I will update the sidebar tonight with my Favorite Rewards sites drop down listing. Do you have some favorite reward sites? Drop me a comment or email and I will add it for others.

My current list? Coke, Pepsi, Disney, NatureMade, Pampers, Starbucks, TGI Fridays.........

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K-Dawg said...

The Caregivers Marketplace site is working today. Must have been technical difficulties.