Wednesday, August 13, 2008

$100 Drawing for Qfact Marketing - Local Readers

Still haven't signed up for a Market Research Company?

Well, if you live in Cincinnati area, it is the right time to finally join Qfact Marketing. Simply click here to go to their site and take the brief survey to join their database. When you do, you will be entered into a $100 drawing for August.

In addition, your name is also in the $200 drawing for the quarter. They announce a winner every 3 months.

Then, sit back and wait for some pre-screener phone calls to see if you qualify for any studies and begin making some extra money.

And, if you do sign up, when it asks how you heard about them, you can click on friend. Then, enter my phone number as the person who referred you. ( you will have to email me to request my Qfact phone number, is not the same number on my contact form ). I will get my name in a $50 drawing.

Good luck and welcome to Market Research!

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