Thursday, July 10, 2008

Toys R Us and Burger King Birthday Freebies

You probably remember my earlier post about all the great birthday clubs you could join. And, Toys R Us is one of those. Not only do the kids get a phone call from Geoffrey on their birthday, but every year we get a birthday coupon in the mail, and it always provides fun freebies for my family.

Two of my children had birthdays in the same month, so we received two coupons around the same time. They were for $3 Off $3 or more. You may say...what can I get at Toys R Us for $3? Well, just today, I stopped by when I was driving by one because I knew they had some of their school supplies for Buy 1 Get 1 Free and some of Buy 2 Get 1 Free.

My sons school sends their school supply list home with them at the end of the school year, so I have my sons handy in my purse. So, I stopped in. I was able to get the 2 Boxes of Crayola Crayons ( B1G1 ), 8 Glue Sticks, 2 Elmer's Glue Bottles ( B2G1 ) and 10 Number 2 Pencils for less than a $1!! All because I timed the sales with these great Birthday coupons!

Interested in signing up to get your coupons, too? Click here to go to the Toys R Us Birthday Club.

On top of this Birthday freebie, I also found out that Burger King offers a free kids meal to the children on their birthday. You need to register with their Kids Club by clicking here. I just signed up today, and look forward to getting those freebies as well.

Because I was posting on these 2 Birthday Freebies today, it also got me motivated to get a running list together for all my readers and make it easily accessible.

SOOO...with that said, here is a drop down for you listing all the Birthday Freebies I have found thus far. I will also post this in the right side bar for you, in case you want to come back and sign up in the future.

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Anonymous said...

My daughter's birthday is in June. Last year, I used the $3 off TRU coupon to get free sunscreen. This year, we also received from them a $5 off $25 coupon that expired the end of the birthday month. Due to our schedules, we ended up not using it, but I will try to plan better for next year (Christmas/birthday gifts!)

Since we're on the mailing list, we also get extra TRU coupons throughout the year -- which worked out great for getting my daughter a little bicycle this year, using the coupons in conjunction with pre-Easter sales. This is a great birthday club.

Do you have links to the birthday freebies from your list? Dairy Queen and Don Pablos sound good. :)

Carrie @ said...

Yes, to get to the site for Dairy Queen or Don Pablo's, just click on the drop down arrow and select the company you want.

It will then take you the appropriate site to sign up for the program on.

Hope that helps.

Amanda said...

I totally forgot I had the birthday coupon in my purse. I almost panicked thinking it might have expired already, but it doesn't. Yipeeee!! I will be stopping by toys r us this afternoon to see what kinds of school and art supplies I can nab for cheap!!!
Thanks for that reminder.

Anonymous said...

I think you get a buy 1/get 1 for your b-day at Noodles & Co.

Carrie @ said...

Thank you so much! I just added Noodles & Company. It did indeed say you get a free meal on your birthday.

If anyone else sees any omissions, please let me know.

Carrie @ said...

Thank you so much! I just added Noodles & Company. It did indeed say you get a free meal on your birthday.

If anyone else sees any omissions, please let me know.

Carrie @ said...
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Kutitap said...

Try using Toys R Us coupons next time to save money. Get them at

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