Thursday, July 3, 2008

Time to Cash out at Wellness 360 & Special Bonus Opportunities

I am happy to report, that the first Wellness 360 Cash Out Days have arrived since I first posted about this company. You can click here to read my original post.

I will be receiving a check for over $44! And, this was simply for clicking into their site periodically and searching on health topics and for referring friends.

How do I manage my Wellness 360 account? Well, I only log in if I need to look up a health question. Instead of doing a general search on a search engine, I log in and search on their site first. For every search, I get points to be redeemed for cash.

I also take advantage of ANY bonus opportunities they email me. This is when I will be the most bang for my buck, so to speak. For example, currently they will be running a DOUBLE BONUS opportunity this 4th of July Weekend. So, make sure to take advantage of it.

Anything you do on their site Fri-Sun, your points will double. This is a great time to update your information, fill in profiles, etc...because you will get double the points for doing it.

Want another bonus opportunity? Wellness 360 has just started a new online community, and if you register you will get 250 bonus points! Yeah! So, make sure to update this profile.

Finally, you can earn extra by referring friends.

Are you interested in joining, if you haven't already? Click here and please enter enrollment code ahm801841.

Already a member? Don't forget to log in now and see if you can cash out. They only open the cash out period for so many days, and you need to make sure you jump on it while it is available.


gk said...

Thanks. I overlooked your earlier post about this program but now after reading this post, I have registered with your referral code. Hoping to get in shape physically and financially. lol.

Carrie @ said...

Hi gk,

I hope you enjoy the program.

I have found I really like this site the most for medical articles.

When my kids get sick or are diagnosed with something, I like this site to search for articles.

And, the articles are always very informative.

Plus, I now got $44 for reading up on my kids illnesses. :-)