Thursday, July 3, 2008

Get a Full Refund on your Ground Beef! reading? This is a BIG thanks to you for this money saver and health alert! Love ya!

If you haven't heard ( which I hadn't...which I am not sure why? ), Kroger is recalling all ground meat ( any variety ), sold between May 21 and June 8th in Ohio and Michigan. There have been outbreaks of E.Coli. Ugh! Click here to read the report. But, please read my whole post, even if you have bought meat outside of these may still get your money back!

Well, the grocery game had Kroger Ground Meat listed back in the beginning of June, so I had bought 4 packages. Fortunately, we did not get sick when we ate 3 of the packages. I still have one in the freezer.
So, I just called my Kroger and they said I could bring in the label off the one I still had ( and throw it away ) and the receipt for the 3 other packages and I would get all my money back. This adds up to almost $15 for me. For my mom? She got over $40 back, as she had cook outs for our family within the last WOW...what a savings for all of us!
Remember my original post on the many reasons to always keep all your receipts and set up a filing system for them? Click here to read. Well, I can add this reason my list to keep them. Potential recalls!
Now, don't get me wrong. I would much rather of not had to worry about eating bad meat, but thankfully...we are all safe and sound. I guess I should give another big thanks to my mom for always cooking all our meat to WELL DONE, which I detest. I like rare meat myself...but I guess my mom knows what she is doing when she scorches our meat. We aren't going to get sick from E.Coli that way. :-) Just harassing you Mom!

Anyway, here is another tidbit of information. On the bottom of my moms receipt, it says her Kroger is refunding money for meat sold between May 21st and Today! So, technically, my meat was bought on June 10th...2 days after the recall. And, my receipts don't say anything about the incident at all. So, when I called my Kroger I asked about the date and she said they are still refunding for my date and to throw whatever meat I still have away.

, with that said. I would check for your receipts and in your freezer for ANY ground meat you have bought, eaten or still have since May 21st and call your local Kroger to see if you can get your money back. Why should you eat the cost of bad meat?

And, I sincerely hope this post finds all my Michigan and Ohio readers well and not suffering from eating this product!


Andrea said...

This is all the buzz everywhere. But, here's the thing. I took my meat and broke them all up in ziploc baggies to freeze. So, now I have to round up my receipt and make sure they will give me a refund for the meat...and, not that I'm being greedy but I used 8 baggies to freeze it and those freezer bags aren't cheap. I guess I shouldn't push it. I'll let ya know how my return goes without the meat tag.

Carrie @ said...

Man, I am so behind. I had no idea and have been using my meat.

Anyway, I went this evening while I was right by the store with just my receipt and they gave me a full refund in cash. They didn't ask to see the packaging or any questions. They didn't even look for a date on the receipt or anything.

My mom had the same thing. She had her receipt for the $41 dollars, and they gave it to her in cash. I think she had maybe one or two tags out of many, many packages.

Anonymous said...

I got a phone call this morning from kroger about the meat recall. (it was a pre recorded message) They got my phone # from my plus card. I haven't returned the meat yet.