Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Coupon Grabber Rules and Regulations!

I have been kicking this idea around for awhile, but not sure how to work this program or manage it. So, I am just going to experiment right now and see if this method works. My official title for it? Coupon Grabber!

What am I talking about? Well, if you remember from an earlier post, click here, I talked about all the mailing lists, loyalty programs, etc I sign up for and get coupons from. I, then, sell them on eBay, if I am not going to use the coupon myself.

Well, I have gotten some decent ones over the last couple months, and sold them...but then I started thinking...wouldn't it be nice to give these to readers first, and THEN, if no one wants them, sell them on eBay.

So, here are my thoughts. And, if doesn't work out after a couple months, we can tweak the program a bit or I will just return to selling "my time and energy to collect them" on eBay.

  • The coupons will be open to my LOYAL readers ONLY. How do I determine this? I will post a keyword each month. When requesting your coupon, please include the keyword from your email updates or feeds.
  • I will post coupons as they come in, under the title Coupon Grabber. I will keep a running list of currently available coupons in my sidebar, so you can see what is still available.
  • The coupons will be FREE.
  • If you do want to donate any money for postage ( not required ), I will only be accepting payment via Obopay or Revolution Money Exchange. ( please ask for my ID for each..if you do ) If you are not a member, just click on their name to enroll. I have used both programs for awhile, and they are great payment systems. You can go to my drop down menu under 2008 Savings and Earnings and click on their names to read about the programs.
  • If you want a coupon, it is first come first serve. So, email me here letting me know you would like the coupon, your address. I will then mail your coupon to you.

As always, happy shopping to us all!

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