Tuesday, June 17, 2008

$50 Free...or is it $75 from Bank of America!

When it rains, it pours. Here is another bank offer! They just keep coming.

And, I found a pro and a con to this incentive.

First, you can click here to go to the web page and read the details on this free $50. It is stated you should receive your incentive within 90 days.

And, here are a few other things I would like to highlight.

Number one, you DON'T need to set up direct deposit! You just need to open an account with a minimum $100 deposit. Woo, hoo! This is great.

Number two, the rumor is that they do a HARD pull on your credit, instead of a soft pull. This is not great! ( Now, whether this is true or not, I don't know. But, you may want to call the bank yourself and check. )

For myself, since I track my credit score and I am happy with where it is and I have no plans of needing credit/a loan in the near future, I am fine with them doing a hard pull. But, make sure you are comfortable with them doing this, if you do decide to move forward with this offer.

Before I finish this post, I do want to mention one other thing. The word online is that you can actually get $75 as a sign up bonus instead of the $50 via the link above.

Why am I mentioning both?

Well, the link takes you to a $50 bonus. And, it is promotional code AOU260608. And, why I like this bonus is that I can do a screen print of the offer and save it for future reference, or in case I would need to get manual credit.

The rumored $75 bonus is said to be linked to promotional code AOU260508. It is said to expire on July 31st. The reason I decided not to do this promotional code is that I have no back up for this promotional code. I don't have a flier, a screen print or anything that states all the terms and conditions or anything for proof.

But, I did want to mention it in case someone would rather do the $75 promotion, even if they don't have the back up. Just click here, but when you are in your application, change the promotional code to the one you want from above.

Personally, I like to play it safe...and I am just going for the $50!

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BeThisWay said...

My father-in-law set up a trust and my husband and sister-in-law had to be added to his accounts.

They indeed did hard pulls on both of them, without any disclosure ahead of time.

We were not pleased. It's another reason why BOA will never, ever see a penny of my money.

That said, I'm sure others will partake, and so thanks for posting it!

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...

Thanks so much for the info. I had a feeling the rumor was true, or else why would people be talking about it.

There seems to be no reason they need to do a Hard pull...I wonder why they feel this need to hit people's credit score with a hard inquiry. It isn't like we are applying for credit from them.

Oh, well. Thanks again for letting us know that BOA does indeed do hard pulls.

OnlyOnSale said...

hey :) your post is up over at my site if you want to remind your readers :) thanks!!