Friday, June 20, 2008

Free Shipping Kit from USPS

This isn't the greatest deal ever found. In fact, you can go to the Post Office and pick all these items up as needed for free when you are ready to ship ( at least I am pretty sure )

BUT, I had ordered mine awhile back and it came in the mail today.

I liked having the boxes, envelopes, etc on hand for my eBay sales that I needed to ship. And, although I don't plan to ship Priority or Express, the boxes still come in handy.

Last time I was at the post office, the Postal worker told me that if I did need to use the boxes for regular shipping, then you just need to cover the Priority or Express up so they don't see it.

Of course, check with your local post office to confirm if this is true or not.

So, if you feel you may have the need for shipping boxes and envelopes, click here to order your free shipping kit.

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Mrs C said...

You can also order any size box you need from the USPS site and they'll deliver them to your doorstep - 100% free. :)

Jennifer M. said...

My post office says covering the words "Priority" or "Express" is a big NO NO... they'll charge you anyway. But that's my P.O.

Carrie @ said...

Thank you so much for both your comments.

I talked to one of you via email ( can't remember which of you ), and I use the satellite office USPS store at Ace...and they are constantly doing work arounds like this for their customers...without ever telling us it is work arounds.
In fact, when I need to send envelopes with delivery confirmation, they must somehow enter it in the system "incorrectly", because when I go to the actual post office...they tell me they can't do it...that I must send it in a package or within a priority envelope ( I think it is ).

I had been doing this for over a year before I went to the normal Post Office and found out they shouldn't be doing that.

That is why I always recommend others check with their local post office. Although, from your comment, it sounds like even if you post office allows could be stopped in transit somewhere.

Mrs. C...if you read these comments again, when I have used priority boxes in the past ( usually I keep boxes that items have been shipped to me in..I like to reuse them ), I always wrap the whole box in brown paper. I get this from the grocery store...I ask them to bag a few of my groceries in paper bags, then I turn them inside out and use them. So, none of the box is visible and it is a reused box.

Is this OK...or are you saying only covering over the emblems is a NO NO.

Thanks for any clarification you can give me and my readerss in advance.