Thursday, June 5, 2008

$150 Free! Thanks PNC!

I told you. It is this stimulus check being mailed out to us that is causing all these stores and institutions to go CRAZY and keep offering us wonderful deals! And, as always, who am I to complain!

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  • I believe the $50 Sharebuilder deal is gone, but you can click here to read about it, just in case they have continued on with the promotion and you want to check it out for yourself.

  • And, according to Andrea, at Mommy Snacks, you can get $100 certificates for Chase Bank if you go to the post office and grab one of their free moving packs, full of coupons.

Anyway, here is the latest and greatest! I signed up today, by actually going in store. Why? Why not? Free money, AGAIN!

I opened my mailbox today, and low and behold, there was an ad for $150 if you come to the NEW PNC Bank location in Liberty Twp, next to Kroger Marketplace. So, if you are a local reader, hopefully you know where that is. If not, email me, and I can give you directions. If you aren't a local reader, don't stop reading..I have something for you below.

Local readers, you must go to the location to open a new checking account. And, please note: you must be a new PNC customer. The free checking account qualifies, and you only need to open with a $50 minimum balance. You must set up Direct Deposit, like normal. So, as I always recommend, just allocate a small dollar amount of your households direct deposit to your new account for the appropriate time to qualify for your bonus.

I asked, Erin, the Vice President, if anyone can come in and qualify, and she said yes. You just need to tell them you are there for the promotion. It does expire June 23rd, so you will want to get there soon. Please make sure to get a copy of all terms and conditions from them, so you have them saved and in hand. And, I highly recommend working with Erin, she was wonderful! I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant experience. Way to go PNC!

Erin did tell me that current PNC customers can get a $50 bonus if you do NOT currently have direct deposit and set it up. You will want to contact them FIRST, to make sure you tell them this is what you want to do, and make sure all appropriate steps are taken to get your bonus.

Finally, non local is your deal. You can click here to read. You can get $100 if you are a new customer. You are $50 shy of what we will get at this one branch, but it sounds like this $50 may just be a deal going on because it is a brand new establishment. So, I view the $100 as a wonderful deal, still. But, this offer expires even before ours...on June 14th. So, you really need to hurry!

As always, I hope you enjoy this free money the banks are offering us all!


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OnlyOnSale said...

Hey! I have one impt question. I see all these great bank acct deals and want to join. The only reservation I have is that maybe having so many bank accounts will affect my credit. What can you guys tell me? Thanks! -Amanda

Carrie @ said...

Hi Amanda,

Good question.

But,it does not affect your credit. Opening a bank is not credit, a loan or any type of borrowing.

Unless you open a loan, home equity line, etc, your bank accounts won't even show up on a credit report.

They do ask for your social security # when opening, BUT they do not do a hard inquiry against your credit ( which is what affects your score ). They may do a soft inquiry, just to ensure you are reliable and have a good score.

And, ever since 9-11, my understanding, is that EVERY institute does need to insist on a social before allowing people to open and fund savings or checking accounts.

It is a safety precaution to ensure accounts aren't opened by terrorists, etc and being funded for illegal measures.

Anyway, I hope all this information helps you. If you have further questions, please feel free to comment again or email me directly.

I check my score regularly, and it is still rated excellent...even though I open these accounts.

Carrie @ said...


One further update. I guess I should have clarified that banks can do HARD inquiries for checking...although it is not a normal practice.

Although banks normally check thru a company called Chex System...which is a soft inquiry and which is what PNC told me they do, I still try to be a smart consumer and I ALWAYS ask if they are going to run a soft or hard inquiry against my credit.

If they say a soft, you are fine.

If they say hard ( which is NORMALLY done only for loans, etc,
BUT they are still capable of doing it for checking ), you may want to rethink.

Usually, if you have 6 hard inquiries close together ( I think it is within a year...but not positive ) those stats have shown people are more likely to file for FICO lowers your score. FICO would look at that inqiry as you trying to apply for credit/loan thru the bank instead of opening a checking...hence why banks don't normally run hard inquiries for checking accounts.

If you haven't applied for any credit in awhile or have no plans to...then even if they did do a hard inquiry you would be fine. One hit will not make a differenc.

All of the banks I have worked with thus far have only done soft inquiries...but I, as always, recommend you make sure to ask that one simple question yourself. All it takes in a phone call to the bank to set your mind at ease. :-)

OnlyOnSale said...

Thanks for all the great info! I've featured your blog over at

I'll shoot an email your way :)

OnlyOnSale said...

I have one more question.. haha. For these "direct deposits" is there any way you can make them from your current bank account or some other way than through an employer? Thanks! -Amanda

Carrie @ said...


Each bank's requirements are different in this aspect. So, you need to read the terms and conditions carefully.

For example, Key Bank is VERY specific that it MUST be a payroll direct deposit from and employer, etc.

While, Chase ( again...please read the current terms and conditions in case they have changed ) has considered a schedule deposit from Paypal or something like that as a direct desposit.

I know that isn't the answer you were hoping for...and I wish all Banks were the same in their requirements..but alas...they are not.

I, personally, have always done payroll. Just to be safe and sure I will get my bonus.

But, I have the benefit that my husband can do up to 4 ( or 5..I can't even remember ) direct deposits for each payperiod. So, I send the bulk to our high interest checking account, and then send maybe $50 to each of these new accounts ( unless it requires the direct deposit be a minimum amount of something, I may have to send more. )

Once the money hits, you can go online and send it back to your regular checking account ( although I always make sure I stay above the minimum balance requirement upon opening..just to be safe, too ).