Thursday, May 29, 2008

Want to begin Investing?

Thanks to iMommies and Maximizing Money for both posting this great bank offer.

Now, this deal isn't for $200, and is only $50! But, you also get to buy stock.

And, there is a possibility you may make a little extra.

You have heard me talk about My Points before, and one of their Bonus Emails right now is to sign up with ShareBuilder and get 550 points in your My Points Account. Depending on what gift you choose once you accumulate your points, that is worth anywhere from an extra $3 to $5 dollars.

Will you definitely get credit? I am not sure. I signed up yesterday, so we will see. But, you know me, it doesn't hurt to try to get that little extra!

The reason I am not sure is that when you click on the Bonus Email, it populates with a code for $25 sign on bonus instead of $50. I deleted it and put the $50 bonus code again. It went thru fine and confirmed my $50. And, it is showing Sharebuilder in my My Points account that I clicked thru, but it can take a few weeks to get credit. So, we will see. If nothing else, you at least get a few odd points just for clicking through.

So, first...before signing up...I recommend signing up for My Points, if you don't already have an account. Email me for an invitation, or if you have an Entertainment Book, I HIGHLY suggest you go that route to sign up and get the $5 Barnes & Noble sign on bonus. Unfortunately, for this $50 deal, you won't have enough time to order a book, and have it arrive in time.

Then, once you sign up, be on the look out for their Bonus Email to you with the Sharebuilder promotion.

So, now back to Sharebuilder!

Because Jennifer at iMommies did such a thorough job on giving step by step instructions on signing up, I am going to send you to her now. Follow her directions exactly, and your account will be set up in minutes. And, enjoy your $50!


E said...

I notice all plans charge 9.95 transaction fee. How can we later pull the money out?

notofthisworld1973 said...

So it took about 6 weeks before you saw the $50 in your account?

Carrie @ said...

It was almost exactly 6 weeks. I guess when they say 4 to 6 weeks to credit, they really stick to their terms! Great news for us! I really appreciate when companies follow their own timeline estimates!