Wednesday, May 7, 2008

All You.....For You!

Have you been getting this magazine yet? If not, it comes highly recommended by MANY coupon shoppers.....including my neighbor and fellow coupon saver, Kecia!

It is chuck full of coupons each month that can be combined for even greater savings while shopping those Grocery Game, CVS or Walgreen deals!

And, as an added bonus in some of the May issues, there is an envelope glued to the inside with a reader survey. If you complete the survey, All You will pay you $10! Not bad! Thanks to Money Saving Mom for posting this tid bit! I plan to look at the All You rack next time I am by one and see if I find one with the envelope in it...and buy the magazine then!

So, what are the best methods for getting these magazines and taking advantages of all those coupon savings?

First, you can run by your local Wal Mart each month and buy it there. I believe it retails for $1.97 ( someone correct me if I am wrong, please ).

OR...if you want the convenience of home delivery and want to save a little money....I recommend signing up for Ebates. They are once again giving $10 free to new members who sign up and make a purchase.

Once you log in, go to and you will see you will also get another 26% back off the purchase price. Which in their case, is $19.97 for the year. So, Ebates will give you $10 plus $5.19 ( 26% ). So, your total for the year subscription would be $4.78. Pretty good for a years worth of coupons!

If you are already a member of Ebates, don't forget about Upromise. They are offering $10 signup bonus this month with purchase, too. Although, they only give 25% back instead. So, you would get $10 plus $4.99. Your final price would be $4.98. AND..don't forget with Upromise, you can request your money. It does not have to sit in there until you go to college. We are taking ours out and investing it periodically. We also set an account up for each family member.

If you are already a member of both, you can STILL go buy thru either site and get the 26 or 25% off! It is still better than nothing!

Finally, if you JUST want to give All You a try to see if you like it first ( you may miss out on the $10 bonuses above though ), you can click here. It will take you to All You and you can sign up for 2 free issues. Remember to request Bill Me Later. They will continue to send you more issues after the 2 ( and expect you to pay ) if you don't cancel. But, if you choose Bill Me Later, you just write CANCEL on the bill and send it back after your 2nd issue comes and you don't have to worry about your credit card being charged.

I, personally, had signed up for the 2 free issues previously. Then, I found these deals on Ebates & Upromise, and went ahead and ordered the subscription. So, I am assuming I will get an overlap of at least one month for the magazine ( that is OK with me..double coupons ).

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Anonymous said...

I recently bought All You at Walmart and it says $1.97 on the cover, but rang up at $1.77. I think they have 10% off magazines and possibly books?!