Wednesday, May 28, 2008

1 Year of Life Lock Free for Military

LifeLock is offering a FREE year subscription to their service to all Military who are active duty. And,I have to say, I think this is a great service they are providing, especially for those overseas. The last thing they need to worry about back home is their identity being stolen.

To get this great offer, simply click here to go to LifeLock. Then, under the promotion code enter ActiveDuty.
And, it also allows you to protect your children for free, too, for that year.
What is the normal cost of this package to us civilians?
$121.50 annually or $11.25 per month. So, this is a GREAT deal for the Military.
My only word of advice? You need to remember to cancel after 365 days. So, make sure you mark this down, or have someone in your family mark this down so they remember to cancel.
My rule of thumb..if you are new to my site...enter it quickly in 3 seperate spots.
I enter it in my email calendar with the phone # to cancel, so it will pop up and remind me. I enter it in my cell phone calendar, so my phone will beep at me when I am out and about. And, I enter it in my actual planner ( write it in ).

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