Saturday, May 31, 2008

Over $300 Toothpaste Study

Are you one of my local readers in Ohio? If so, J & R Coordinating Services, Inc is currently screening participants for a Proctor and Gamble Toothpaste study. Not a local reader? Click here to read my post on Market Research Companies.

I, of course, did not qualify again, due to the company my husband works for...but you just might!!

First, call 513-771-7888 to see if you are in their database. If you are not, request that you be added and were referred by another participant.

Once you are in their database, you can ask that you be screened for the P&G Toothpaste study.

Currently, they will prescreen you over the phone. If you pass that, then you will show up on a specified day ( your current toothpaste in hand ) and go for an additional screening opportunity. It is located at the Mason P&G Location on Mason-Montgomery Rd. For your time, they will pay you $50.

If they decide you qualify for the full study, you will need to show up on specified days over the next 12 weeks, I believe it was , to participate. For your time, I was told the pay would be over $ fact, I think it was $350. But, I don't know if that number included the $50 from may have.

This could be a lot of fun ( I wish I qualified ) and a good chunk of cash! Good luck!


Becky said...

Hi Carrie,
I talked to J & R today. The toothpaste study is full. I did qualify for a paper towel study though so it was worth my phone call.

Carrie @ said...


Thanks for letting me know. I might call back and see if I can get in on the paper study.