Friday, May 9, 2008

Free Sephora Cupcake Bath and Shower Bubbles!

Are you a Sephora lover, too? Even if not, here is a fun, free gift for you from Sephora!

Sign up as a Sephora Beauty Insider, and the two weeks before and after your birthday you will get the Vanilla Cupcake Bath and Shower Bubbles shown here.

You can get it free ( with no purchase ) if you stop by one of their stores. If you want it online, you do need to make a purchase, though. So, unless you have an order for Sephora already planned online, I would recommend just stopping by their store and getting it completely free!

Since you are signing up as a Beauty Insider, you do get other benefits to the program if you are a shopper. You can click here to read and sign up. Remember, you will be getting updates, so if you don't want the Sephora information mixing with your personal email, send it to another email account.

I will also add this free gift to my Birthday Freebies list, so if you haven't read that here. Enjoy!

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Prakash said...

thanks for ur valuable posts mate