Monday, May 19, 2008

Hurry! Last Day to Make $ on your Engagement Ring!

I am going to start off first by apologizing. I had this in my "to post" file for quite a while and have been sitting on it. I didn't realize that the due date for submissions was fast approaching. It is today, May 19th, 2008.

Luckily, something whispered in my ear over the weekend that I needed to get to my post on Class Action Law Suits and the money they hold for your family.

So, I pulled my file out and saw that the Diamond Class Action Settlement needed to be submitted by today. So, jump on this! It could be worth hundreds of dollars to you!

Here is the information.

  • All persons located in the United States who purchased any diamond or diamond jewelery between January 1, 1994 and March 31, 2006 ( I am only focusing on the consumer class, but there is also a category for resellers )

  • Your claim table is thus:

    Mixed Stones Jewelry - Less than $200 Purchase Price - 6% of Retail Price Claim %
    Mixed Stones Jewelry - $200 or More Purchase Price - 14.5% of Retail Price Claim %
    Diamonds Only Jewelry - Less than $200 Purchase Price - 10.5% of Retail Price Claim %
    Diamonds Only Jewelry - $200 to $999 Purchase Price - 27.5% of Retail Price Claim %
    Diamonds Only Jewelry - $1,000 to $5,499 Purchase Price - 32% of Retail Price Claim %
    Diamonds Only Jewelry - $5,500 to $9,999 Purchase Price - 38.5% of Retail Price Claim %
    Diamonds Only Jewelry - $10,000 or more - 45% of Retail Price Claim %
    Loose Diamonds - Any and All - 59% of Retail Price Claim %

Click here to read the specific details from the website on the calculation of payment.

To file your claim takes mere minutes. Simply go here, and fill out the short form and submit. You will want to keep a copy of your submitted confirmation page for your records.

If your item was over $10,000, you will need to submit paperwork with your application. If it is under that amount, make sure you have a copy of a receipt, invoice, insurance statement, appraisal, or authenticity statement proving the purchase. This MAY be asked of you in the future. Luckily for me, I knew we had insured my engagement ring as soon as I got it, and had to have it appraised. So, I went to our fire box and pulled the appraisal out. If you need to dig to find your paperwork, you may try calling your insurance company if you have your jewelery insured. They may have copies of the original paperwork.

Is it worth digging for the paperwork? Absolutely! And, if it is under $10,000, you may not even need if you at least know the price of your diamond jewelery, submit it today. You can begin digging for the paperwork tomorrow.

They are estimating late 2008 to early 2009 payments will be sent out. Based on the price of your ring, you could get hundreds back or more! But to me, anything is worth it, it was so easy to submit.

Since I figured many of my readers have also gotten married in the last 14 years and got engaged ( thus a diamond ring ), this Class Action Law Suit probably applies to alot of us.

So, get busy! File that claim NOW!

In addition, here is another Class Action Lawsuit that I qualified for...maybe you will too?

If you were traveling internationally between February 1, 1996 and Nov 8, 2006, the credit card companies issued by major American banks for VISA, Mastercard and Diners Club did not fully disclose the fees for transactions while abroad ( Honeymoon anyone? ).

You have until May 30, 2008 to file for this. If you made at least ONE transaction, you can file here at You can opt for a flat $25 payout ( which is what I did, since I have no idea where all my documentation is ), or if you have basic travel detailed records from your trip, you can get a prorated per day calculation or if you have DETAILED records, you can get your exact payout. In fact, their site says you can petition the credit card company for exact records from that far back. If you want to do that, you better get on it, because you only have 12 days left to file.

Since I went to Australia for 2 weeks in 1999 and used my Diners Club card the whole time, I knew I qualified. I probably should have petitioned my credit card company for my records, but I decided to simply be happy with my $25. Although, that was probably a mistake, considering EVERYTHING went on that charge card for that trip. Oh, well, I should have read the fine print before I applied when I didn't realize I could request my information that far back. Such is life!

And, thanks to a comment from Mrs. C below, I was just notified of a case being put together for Thomas the Train. If you bought a toy that was produced from Jan 2005 until Jun 2007, you may qualify. You can click here to read details. If you think you meet the criteria, click here to fill out the form to be included in future information on this case. As of yet, it does not appear you are able to file a claim.

Anyway, my advice? Keep an eye on Class Action Lawsuits and if you qualify, apply! It may take quite awhile before you see a payout, but most times the process is pretty painless and you do eventually get a check in the mail!


kelly said...

thanks, i qualified for both!

Mrs C said...

Thanks. There's also a class action lawsuit going on about the Thomas the Train lead paint stuff.

Kookaburra said...

Wow... thanks for passing this along.

Lorelei said...

OOh Carrie! Thank you so much for posting this! I have been saving this in my email for a month and never got around to applying. I didn't realize today was the last day!

We got the credit card one too in the mail and qualified for that as well.

Mrs Nespy said...

Oh my goodness! I had heard nothing about this and you just made us a LOT of money! I saw this post at 10:30 tonight and I'm hoping it wasn't something that we needed to do before 5:00 pm or anything.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Anonymous said...

i just have one question..i went to europe in the correct time but i closed this credit-card..could not find the answer to this...can you file a claim against a closed credit card..and how to they send you the money mail or credit???

Goo Goo Buy Buy... said...


I'd actually heard about this, as well, and posted about it on my blog. It's unbelievable how high the markup on diamonds is -- especially at the higher end.

I filed my form online and rushed to the post office just minutes before 5 yesterday to mail in my appraisal paperwork. (I wasn't sure that had to be done by the May 19 postmark deadline, but I didn't want to miss out on a big check because I couldn't get to the post office on time.)

I hope everyone had a chance to do this and that we all get big payments from De Beers.

Amy @ Goo Goo Buy Buy

Carrie @ said...

In regards to the closed credit card question, I filed my claim on a closed credit card.
In fact, I got the hard copy form in the mail for this suit, even though my cc was closed.

I can't guarantee that we will get paid if you cc is closed, but I would still go ahead an apply.

Usually, on class action suits, your money will come via check. This is money they have to pay when the case is closed,and the money is dispursed from that lump sum to everyone.