Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Free Movie every Month from Blockbuster!


I couldn't pass up this deal! Not only will I try to find movies for my husband and I, but maybe a few for the kiddos, too, over the next year. I don't want to be stingy.

Here is the deal. Blockbuster has a program called Blockbuster Rewards. Basically, you pay a yearly membership fee and you get access to 1 free NON-NEW Release movie a month ( they claim each store decides which movies qualify, so I can't confirm what your store will do ). But, my husband and I are pretty far behind on movies over the last few years, so I don't think it will be hard for us to find movies for us.

There are other benefits, too, such as, if you rent a movie Mon-Wed, you get another free movie ( again a NON-NEW release ). You can click here to read all the details.

So, why am I saying it is free, if there is a yearly membership fee? Because, for us Entertainment Book owners, it is! Yeah!

First Option, if you need an Entertainment Book, your best bet is signing up for Upromise here, and getting the new member $10 sign on bonus. That will help pay for the cost of the book, which by the way, is down significantly from the original $20-30 price range. Mine is currently $9.99 with discounted shipping of $2.49. You, also, get 14% back on Upromise, which is another $1.40. So, the price of the book would be $1.08...

Second Option, if you are already a member of Upromise, still buy it through them, as you will get that 14%, which will help pay for shipping.

Third Option, if you have no interest in Upromise, you can click here to order it directly. It is still worth the money. In fact, click here to read my post on the $5 Gift Card to Barnes and Noble offer inside the ET book.

Once you get your book, go to page H122 and you will see your coupon for a FREE MEMBERSHIP for a year to the Blockbuster Rewards program. Simply take it to your local Blockbuster, have them sign you up and scan the coupon code, and you should be good to go. Meaning, you get that one free movie rental a month.....for FREE!


Andrea said...

Great one Carrie! I am tootally gonna sign up for this - I need to scour that Entertainment Book like you do!!!

Andrea said...

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