Thursday, May 1, 2008

CVS Triple Extra Bucks Coupon for Prescription

May madness has begun! My email box was full of great coupons and offers. Another new one was the Triple Bucks Rewards for every Prescription filled at CVS thru 6/15/08.
Since all their coupons are only for the intented email recipient, I can't post it. BUT, make sure to check your inbox. You may be getting the same coupon, or a similar one! Or, you may even get a better one!!!
Need a CVS prescription coupon to go along with the Triple Rewards? Two great options!
New to Upromise? If so, they extended the $10 promotion until the end of June. So, any new user who make a purchase gets $10 free in their account. So, click here to sign up. Then, login to your new Upromise account and go to eBay. Click here if you need to register with eBay, too.
Once you are there, do a search on CVS Coupons. You will see a bunch come up. I recommend ONLY bidding on actual hard copy coupons, and not internet ones. There is just no way to guarantee an internet coupon is valid. Most you will find are $25 Gift Card for a transferred prescription.
If you already have your Upromise accounts, you can still login and buy thru eBay, or you can go to Big Crumbs and set up and account there. They pay you every time you shop ( and send you your money no matter how small the amount you earn ). Click on eBay once you are in your Big Crumbs account and then proceed to search for the CVS coupons.
If you want to understand the advantage of getting prescriptions filled with these coupons, click on my Savings and Earnings drop down box in the upper left hand corner to see my current profit. In that calculation, I deduct the price of the prescription. Of course, if you have more expensive prescriptions, at least these coupons help defray the cost. I transfer my prenatal vitamins back and forth each month. And, any other prescriptions we need filled during the month also get filled with coupons.


Erin G said...

Love your blog and 2 CVS Qs for you. One, is it true that you can use your $5/$25 coupon before the manufacturers coupons (which would put put my total below $25 if I used them first)? Two, if I print out online coupons (for example, the 3M $1/1 lint remover coupon) can I only use them once or can I print out four if I want to buy 4 lint rollers? Thanks. :)

Carrie @ said...

Hi Erin,

Great questions.

You are correct.

Whenever you get a CVS coupon ( $5 off $25, $3 off $15, etc ) you make sure your total before coupons is over $25 ( or whatever the coupons is for ). I try to get mine within pennies of that amount.

Then, you hand the cashier that CVS coupon FIRST! That will then bring your total below the $25 ( if you were trying to stay close ).

After that, you then hand them all your manufacturer coupons.

Once all those are rung in, you hand them your Extra Cash Back Coupons last!!! Those are like cash ( except they do expire ), and you use them to pay at the end.

On to your 2nd question...if the page will allow you to print more than one coupon...print as many as you want.

Each store is different. CVS is "normaly" fine with using multiple printed coupons. So, you shouldn't have a problem there.

But, some of the grocery stores will only allow 2 printed coupons, etc. It just all depends on the store really and the clerk. I, personally, have never had a problem at any of my stores...but I have just heard from others across the US that some stores do have a limit on printed coupons.

But, in general, if you can print them..and you need more than one..print it and use it.

Erin G said...

Super helpful -- thanks so much! I'm going to CVS in the morning and am trying to total my purchases before I go in w/ my mfg coupons and $/$$ coupon.

Also, this may be a stupid Q, but if you buy an item that gives back ECBs, and you buy it with ECBs, do you get the ECBs or do you have to pay with cash to get the ECBs?

Thx, Erin

Carrie @ said...


Yes, you can pay for the WHOLE order in ECBs, and it will kick new ones out for you.

I will tell you this. Say you get an ECB for $12. You want to get as CLOSE to $12 ( or barely over ) as you can get. If you go under, you lose the money. They won't give you change. So, be ready to add on some items if you have an ECB for a higher dollar than what you planned out. This is when I have added milk, eggs, bread, etc...things I would otherwise need to buy at the grocery.

ALSO...beware. You will get there, with your coupons all mapped out...and they will be out of stock on ALOT of things. There are a lot of us CVS shoppers out there...and if you aren't the first to hit the are out of luck. I didn't get ANY of the 3M deals this week, as you can see from my post.

What I do...I quickly map my plan out. Then, I also print out the whole grocery game list. This way I know what items are blue and a good deal or that get ECBs back, so I can still get the most bang for my buck then if I was just wandering around the store once the items I really wanted were gone.

And, don't be afraid to do more than one order when you get there. I have them ring one order thru ( at around $15 ), get the ECBs from that, then have them ring my 2nd order in for around $15 again, so I can use another $3 off $15 coupon. Pay for that with the ECBs, etc, etc, until I have everything I want.

And, bring a calculator!! When the items you want aren't there, it will be very helpful to have it when you need to substitute other items in.

And, finally, ask for a rain check on the items you really wanted. You can then sub it in next week when it is back in stock and the current items are out of stock. They will then manually give you the ECBs on a gift card, since the actual promotion is over.

Dont' forget to check out Walgreens, too. Their rebate program ( free plus 10% ) is awesome. And, you can use man. coupons, but get the full rebate on the original price plus the you make money!!!

Erin G said...

Thanks, Carrie! You are awesome! I was just at CVS this morning. They didn't have one of the items so I had to wander around for a good substitute. It worked out, but I was nervous my whole strategy was blown! :)

Despite the huge number of moms in my neighborhood they still had nearly all my items. Even when they had that big get $10 ECBs when you spend $25 on baby products I was surprised I wasn't fighting for the Diaper Genie refills because they were CHEAP!

For my first time out with a strategically mapped plan I was still pretty pleased to spend $15.49 on $40.37 worth of goods and to receive $13 ECBs. Plus I bought the Touch of Gray and plan to use the $8 rebate form (that's the only reason I bought it). So in the end I'll still be up a few bucks.

It wasn't $1.45 on $97 worth of products but this is just the beginning and I expect my next trips will only get better. Thanks again for all your great help and advice.

Oh, and BTW, the cashier *did* end up taking the three lint roller coupons I printed out yesterday. Yeah! PS, I was so nervous about handing over the $5/$25 coupon first. I hid my mfg coupons! I was afraid she was going to force me to use those first!

Thanks again. I'm headed to Walgreens this evening and will check that out more per your advice. They've got 2/$3 on Wet Ones and that's a pretty good deal since the cheapest I've ever seen them is about $2.29 each.

Take care and have a great weekend!