Monday, May 12, 2008

Caribou Coffee Donating 1% to Breast Cancer

You know me...I love donation offers! Click here to read on many different ways you can donate for free. It is nice to know, just for a tiny bit of my time, a good cause will get extra money!
So, here is the latest scoop on donations! Currently, Caribou Coffee ( my all time favorite ) is donating 1% of it's sales thru October 31st, 2008 to Susan G. Komen for the Cure® to help fight Breast Cancer.
But, the way it works is you MUST load a specific Amy's Blend Gift Card and then pay for your coffee with that. You can keep that gift card and reload it to pay again and again.
So, what I did, when at the drive thru speaker, I placed my order then also asked for an Amy's Blend Gift Card with $5 on it ( just to make it simple ) and told them I would be paying for the coffee with the gift card. Then, I paid, they gave me the gift card with the remaining balance on it, and my coffee.
Going forward, I will probably load my card online at home before I head out. But, if I forget, I can always reload it at the window to pay for my next coffee.
You can click here to read all about the program and specifics.
In addition, you can also buy specific Amy's Blend coffee in their stores and $ will also be donated to the cause.
As always, don't go out of your way to buy this coffee for the donation factor, but if you find yourself at a Caribou Coffee anytime before October 31st, make sure to pay with an Amy's Blend Gift Card.

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