Monday, May 12, 2008

Guest Post from Kyle at Rather Be Shopping

Like Carrie, I am a bargain hunter to the core! I have actually turned it into a game and am not satisfied until I can find the best coupon or the best price for whatever it is I am shopping for. Birthdays presents for the kids, Christmas gift buying, and travel reservations are when I am at my best. My wife might even call me a bit obsessive! But I know she appreciates it, especially when the credit card bill arrives in the mail and it is much lower than she anticipated.

With summer right around the corner, I know many people are starting to put together their travel plans and family vacations. I know this because I have been getting a lot of emails recently from folks asking me what are the good travel coupons available right now. So I wanted to use this post to not only pass along my best travel coupons, but also to offer a few tips on getting the most bang for your buck when booking your summer vacation.

~ Book Your Plans Early - This is one of the best way to insure a good travel deal. Lock in your vacation plans before airline seats and hotel rooms fill up, and before you get hit with more fuel surcharges by the airlines.

~ Avoid Weekends If Possible - If you have the flexibility, make sure to book your vacation plans for a mid-week stay. This is when hotel rates are generally much lower compared to weekends.

~ Always Negotiate - When quoted an airfare, hotel, or rental car rate, always ask if there is a lower rate or an unadvertised special. You can almost always get them to lower their rate or give you a free upgrade if you push them hard enough. I have had a lot of success doing this when renting a car. Also, if you reserve a non-smoking car and it has the smallest hint of cigarette smoke, demand a new car and they will often give you a free upgrade for your inconvenience. I did this last year on our family vacation and ended up with a Buick SUV when I had booked a compact. Although, maybe they just felt bad for me trying to cram all our stuff into that small car.

~ Try Bundling Your Vacation Plans - When using an online travel service like Expedia or Orbitz, consider bundling airfare, hotel, and rental car into a package as it can significantly lower the overall price. This especially works when booking extra nights in a hotel. Be sure to first price everything individually to make sure you are getting a good deal.

Now on with some online travel coupons that may be able to help you save even more money.
Save 10% Off a 2+ Night Hotel Stay through this Link
Coupon Code: SUMMERFAM
Expires: 7/31/08
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California Travel Sale: Save up to 30% Off hotels, rental cars and fun stuff
Coupon Code: None Needed
Expires: 6/30/08
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Save $50 Off your Vacation Package to New York City
Coupon Code: NYC50TVLY
Expires: 5/31/08
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Nice Vacations Deals for under $500, Worth a Look
Coupon Code: None Needed
Expires: 7/31/08
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May Air Sale - Save up to 40% or more Off Last-Minute Airline Tickets
Coupon Code: None Needed
Expires: 5/31/08
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Luggage (In case you need some luggage)
Save 10% Off your Entire Online Order
Coupon Code: LSGEN3
Expires: 6/30/08
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Eddie (Rare coupon)
Save 20% Off your Entire Online Order
Coupon Code: SUMACQ8
Expires: 5/26/08
See Additional: Eddie Bauer Coupons (Not that you would ever get lost!)
Save 5% Off your Entire Online Order
Coupon Code: VACATION5
Expires: 5/31/08
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