Friday, April 18, 2008

Free Golf Umbrellas!!

OK..this is short notice! But, I just walked in from the store, and got my free umbrella, so I just learned about this deal! Thanks Mom and Dad!!

I was running errands with my parents and kids when we were driving past an hhgregg. Mom & Dad told me they are giving free golf umbrellas away without any purchase, you just need a coupon.

So, we stopped the car, and Mom and I walked in to see if they had the ads at the front. Sure enough, they have all the weekly ads stacked in the entrance.

Pick one up, and tear the coupon off the front. You can enlarge the picture on the side to see what the coupon looks like. Then, go the cashier and pick up an umbrella ( I got blue and white, but they also had red/white, black/white and all black ).

You may have to ask where in the store they have them. Mine were in a cart by the cashier.

Then, hand them the coupon and walk out.

The sale ends tomorrow. So, if you are out and about tonight or tomorrow, and you are passing and hhgregg, stop in and get your free umbrella!!

I am excited, we are going to use ours for shade at my son's T-ball games. Last year, we all tried to crowd under my was so hot! And, let me tell you. 4 adults a toddler and a baby do NOT fit under one golf umbrella all that well!

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Karen C said...

Thanks so much as we needed another umbrella. Enjoy reading all of your tips. Karen