Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Over $120 on Global Test Market Survey Panel

Before you start jumping for joy that you have found the most profitable survey panel out there, calm down a bit. :-) It is true, I have made $121.55 in cold hard cash ( actually, cold hard checks that I had to cash ) from Global Test Market. After My Survey, they are my favorite site. But, it wasn't all in one lump sum or just in this year. This is my total for last year, the 4 months of this year, and part of 2006. So, basically, just shy of 2 years!

I have gotten paid each year! As soon as you hit the $50 threshold, you can cash out. So, I do that everytime I hit it! I am looking forward to getting my check this year, too! It is always fun!

So, why do I think is such great money for 2 years of my time? Well, it actually wasn't much time. For that money, I only actually took 24 surveys. That averages out to about 1 survey a month. The rest of the time, and why consistent money comes in, is that you get paid for screeners ( just like on My Survey ) and this really adds up! A good sum of that money comes from the screener questions to see if you qualify. Which means, I answer 1 - 5 questions ( which takes a mere minute ) and I get paid. Quick and fast! It isn't much. Usually it is 25 cents a pop...but it is well worth it! For example, of that $121, $60.80 of it was from screener questions! Almost HALF! Now, isn't that worth it!

So, if you are looking to try surveys and don't know where to start...I would recommend Global Test Market and My Survey. If you already take surveys and haven't signed up with this company yet, it is a great time to begin! They send you screeners ALOT, so you can constantly be making money!

Have lots of fun and remember, your opinion does count!

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