Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Free BlueTooth from

Once again, a BIG THANKS to iMommies for keeping tabs on the deals and posting when she finds GREAT free items! If you haven't been able to tell, she is one of my top 5 blog reads daily. Her site is full of great info!

Anyway, you can click here to read her step by step instructions.

But, before you do, I have a few helpful hints. You will want to shop through either, Ebates or Upromise and log into that way, and THEN follow her instructions. Why? Because you could possibly get money back. pays 1.5% at So, they offer the highest percentage back. Last time I did one of these types of free offers, it was the same deal. The item was $10 before the Google Checkout. And, then paid me my .15 cents for the purchase. So, I made a bit of money. They pay you no matter how small an amount you make a month.

Ebates would be a good deal if you are new to them. They give $5 to new members when they make their first purchase with sign up. So, you could do the same thing. They only pay 1%, so you would only get 10 cents, BUT you would also get $5, potentially. ( Now, I have not tried buying these free items on Ebates, so no guarantee you will get paid...but I feel it is worth a try, since it is FREE ). One other thing on Ebates, they will not cut you a check until you reach $5.01 in earnings ( not counting the free $5 ).

Finally, Upromise would be the BEST deal if you are setting a new account up with them. And, don't forget you can cash out and receive a check, it doesn't have to sit there and wait until someone goes to college. They suggest you do take the money an invest it for college, though.

Anyway, Upromise is offering $10 to new members who make their first purchase. They also only pay 1%, so it would be 10 cents. But, you could potentially make $10! And, when signing up, don't forget to enter 5tylentol in the promotional code. They give $5 to new members, too. Although I am unsure if they will give it to you on TOP of the $10, it is worth a try. If it does come through, that is a possible $15.10 you will make and get a free BlueTooth.

Just like Ebates, I have not bought from thru Upromise, only BigCrumbs. So, there are no guarantees. BUT, all the sites seem to work the same, and I would think if BigCrumbs pays on these, that you stand a good chance Ebates and Upromise will, too. And, since the item is free, it doesn't hurt to order through their site and potentially make money.

And, if you don't need one? Well, get it anyway. You can sell on eBay or give as a gift!


Jennifer @ iMommies said...

Awww! Thanks, Carrie! Great ideas on the shopping portals, too!

icunursemicki said...

excellent!!! thanks Carrie!!!