Thursday, March 20, 2008

Free Photo Paper! Act Fast!

A BIG THANKS to iMommies for posting this great find!

In addition, Big Crumbs gives 1.5% back on purchases, which is where she found this deal.

So, on Big Crumbs and set up your free account. Click on from the drop down menu to go to their site.

Once you have done that, go to iMommies to read the step by step directions. The paper is priced at $10 with free shipping, but you get $10 free from Google Checkout...bring your total to nothing.

I make no guarantees whether you will get your 1.5% back on the $10 ( which is only 15 cents ), but in the past, I have gotten my full rebate on items I purchased and then had a rebate at the end.

Big Crumbs pays you each month whether you earn only 1 cent or $100! So, you will see your money if they do award it to you. And, don't forget to start using it for all future eBay purchases. You get money back from them, too.

I would have waited to post until I saw if I got a rebate, but it takes a couple days AND I don't think this deal will be around then. I figured it wouldn't hurt to get your free paper and try to make a little money while doing it! :-)

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