Monday, June 29, 2009

50 Free Postcards

My son's 7th Birthday was Sunday. I can hardly believe my eldest is THAT old already! Time sure does fly by!

We were excited to have a birthday party for him and his friends and he was so excited for all the fun toys his little buddies bought him.

Well, now it is time for him to send his thank you notes out. And, I was so pleased to see this offer for 50 free postcards come across my email today. My mind immediately started working and I took the picture from his party above and added Thank You text and uploaded it. Now, he can write his own personal message on the back.

I split the order up and got 25 prints of my son and then the other 25 I got of the whole family. I took a nice family photo and added our family name as the text. I will use those as thank you notes throughout the year.

An added benefit? Postcards take less postage to mail!

What could these be used for?
  • Baby Announcements
  • Christmas Cards ( do you have a good family photo already? )
  • Thank You Notes
  • Invitations
  • Company Postcards
Want to get your 50 Free Postcards, too?
High Quality, More Affordable, Post Cards!
  • Click here to go to Overnight Prints
  • Upload your postcards
  • Enter code 57PCFREE for 5x7 Postcards
  • Enter code 46PCFREE for 4X6 Postcards
  • Shipping is just over $8 but will be free after the trial below.
  • At the end of the order, I was offered a free trial to Great Fun and will be reimbursed up to $20 for my order ( making shipping free ) Remember to mark your calendars a couple days before your free trial ends so you can make a decision by then whether or not to you want to keep the membership.

Enjoy your free postcards!


Christine said...

I have used before and I think they are good quality for a good price... free is even better! I read your blog often and I am so appreciative of your information. I have even written about you on my blog (hope you don't mind). Thanks for sharing your great tips!!!

Christine @

Business Mommy said...

So long as you have use for the products, I recommend spending the entire $20 that you will be reimbursed for. This cuts down on some business expenses for me for items I would have to buy anyway. I usually use Vista Print, but I'm willing to try out a different company too. Hopefully some of the items will be cheaper.

Business Mommy said...

I just checked out the site. Bookmarks are a very affordable option if you already have business cards and are looking for something extra. It's also something that people are more likely to keep and will see your info more often as they use it!

Carrie @ said...


Absolutely on the $20. I would have spent that much if I would have known ahead of time I was going to get that offer at the end.

Be prepared, though, some are only getting a $10 offer. So, it is up in the air on what free trial offer you will get at the end. So, if you do spend the $20, just know you might only get a $10 offer at the end instead.

Bookmarks are a GREAT idea!!!!

I may have to consider that for my site, next time I see a deal come across on their website. Thanks for checking out the prices! I am kind of excited about that, since I love to read. :-)

Danielle Miller said...

Another deal that I came across . . . when I ordered from Papa John's online the other day, it gave me an offer. I got a $10 gift code to use for my next order at Papa John's for taking 8 issues of Sports Illustrated or Entertainment Weekly for free. All I have to do is call and cancel before the end of the 8 issue trial.

Also, at Pyramid Collection there is an offer for $20 for trying Shopping Essentials +. I'm a freak, so I want just about everything on that site!

With the printing, it's stuff I would buy anyway. If I spend $20 and only end up with a $10 offer, then it will still be worth the money.