Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Free 10 or 25 Box Tops for Your School

With the great $4 off 8 Promotion running at Kroger this week, you will find that many of the products qualify for bonus Box Tops for your School!

The Grocery Game has the run down on what to buy with what coupons and your savings for this week. I walked out last night spending $50 and saved $115. That was a total of $165 of groceries. Yay!

It was an over 67% savings, and mind you.....I had to buy Draino and a few other products that we NEEDED that were not discounted.

At the end when my catalinas and coupons printed, a code for 25 Bonus Box Tops printed. I logged in today to enter the code and my school got another $2.50. I love free donations. I track these as part of my savings, since we keep track of how much we donate each year against our budget.

Even though I am not personally funding the donation and the companies are, I put the work into clipping Box Tops, loading my Kroger Donation card, signing up for programs such as these, etc. So, I do count this towards are total we budget to donate each year. Just remember, you can't take these donations off on taxes, of course. :)

So here is how you can participate, too.

10 or 24 Bonus Box Tops thru 9/9/10

  • Go here to register. Your school will also get 5 Box Tops when you register!
  • Enter your Grocery Shopping Card and the school you want to support
  • Buy any of these participating products here
  • Watch for your Print out with your code after shopping
  • Go here to enter your code

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