Monday, June 14, 2010

Give your input on the Oil Spill

If you are like me, I can't stop checking in on the oil spill every day.

Tomorrow evening, President Obama will be giving a speech on the issue at 8Pm. I will be watching and listening to what he has to say tomorrow.

If you plan to as well, HCD Surveys released a 2 part survey tonight regarding the issue and the speech tomorrow. It is only worth 50 points, but on an issue that is of interest to many of us and it only took me about a minute to complete. It was just a few questions.

Check your email tonight. It is titled Brief Online Survey - 50 points, International Disaster Study.

Remember, these usually fill quickly, so I will try to post here or on my Facebook page when I see HCD Surveys come up. If you see some I miss, feel free to let everyone know on the Money Saving Methods Facebook page, too.

I would check now to see if you got it. You can try clicking here to take it, but usually you must receive the email. So, this link may not work for you. Let me know if it does, though.

If you haven't joined HCD Surveys yet,
go here.

This is one of my favorite survey companies. The surveys are usually short and are almost always on current events. This is much different than most survey sites. You can even go to their Facebook page here to see results to all the surveys taken by participants.

To read about all the survey companies I recommend and how to earn money with this method, click here or go to my Survey button in the left menu bar at anytime.

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