Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Free iPad Giveaway plus $.50 Refer a Friend Program - Click IQ

Who wants a free iPad, valued at $499? Me, me!! :)

If you are already a member of Click IQ, you should have gotten the email yesterday letting us know about their new Refer a Friend program for the month of June.

If you are not a member, Click IQ is a wonderful survey company for a couple reasons. First, they pay you for every short screener you take, whether you qualify for the survey or not. It usually is around $.25 cents.

In fact, I just recently got my $25 payment from them. This is the minimum cash out threshold.

Second, when you do qualify for a survey, they are relatively short. I always appreciate this. Repetitive survey questions can really prolong a survey.

Third, they have a refer a friend program. I truly respect companies who not only have affiliate programs ( which only website owners/bloggers can take advantage of ) but also Refer a Friend programs ( which EVERY ONE can benefit from whether they have a site or not ). You will earn $.50 for each friend you refer to their survey site.

And for the month of June, you will get your regular $.50 per friend you refer but ALSO an entry into the contest to win the free iPad for each friend you refer. I like this because you STILL get your compensation but this giveaway is on top of it.

So, if you haven't sent an email out to your friends yet about Click IQ, this is the month to do it. Or if you are on Facebook or Twitter, shoot a quick update out about this survey company.

New to Click IQ? Click here to sign up. Your invite email will come within 24 hours.

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TriNi said...

Signing up under you! You're post sold me! Sounds like a great site!

TriNi @ Make Money Online Free