Tuesday, June 8, 2010

$10 Off $10 JcPenney PLUS $10 Rebate PLUS Discounted Grocery Gift Cards PLUS.......

Wow! Too many great deals from JcPenney to inlcude in the post. I tried! :)

First, there is a $10 off $10 online coupon from JcPenney for Father's Day. Combine that with the amazing 70% off or more clearance items ( or anything you want ) and you can get some amazing deals.

My daughter grew like a weed, and I needed summer clothes for her this year. The girls clearance had some beautiful dresses ( great for church ), and cute summer tops. I got the $45 dollar dress above for $4.99 after the coupon. Ship to store to save even more on the shipping.

Next, when you cash out you will possibly get the $10 Rebate offer from JcPenney Savings Solutions like I did. You sign up for the free 30 day trial, and get the additional $10.

So, I bought some of the clearance summer shirts for my daughter with this additional free $10.

This is a trial you may just want to keep. I am strongly considering it myself.

Why? It is $9.95 a month ( that is $119.40 a year ).

BUT...you get $100 in Grocery Rebates that you can send in for at $25 a quarter. That means, you get $100 free.

On top of that, you can buy $25 grocery gift cards for only $20 each. You can buy 12 per store. So, if your grocery store is Albertson's, for example, you can buy 3 per calendar quarter for a savings of $15. For the year, that is a savings of $60 at your grocery.

But, if you also shop at other grocery stores, then you can also get 12 cards at those stores, too. That would be another $60.

Needless to say, the initial $100 plus just 12 gift cards from one grocery store is already $160 back. And, that is worth more than the $119.40 a year registration fee. If you buy more gift cards, then you just save even more and the program becomes more worthwhile.

What grocery stores are available?

  • A&P and their family of stores: Super Fresh, Food Emporium New York, Waldbaums
  • Albertsons and their family of stores: Jewel-Osco, Savon, Acme
  • Safeway and their family of stores: Tom Thumb ( excluding CA ), Dominicks, Randalls, Carrs, Vons, Genuardi's, Pak N Save, Pavilions
  • Pathmark
  • CVS
  • Walgreens
  • Petsmart
  • Rainbow and their family of stores: Pick N Save, Copps
  • Schwan's
  • Winn - Dixie
What else do you get?

A free cookbook, valued at around $20. You can choose from Paula Deen, Rachel Ray or Wolfgang Puck. They have 6 different books to choose from during your trial. Don't need one? Grab it anyway and it makes a great gift for someone.

In addition, you get:
  • $250 deductible reimbursement for Home Owners Insurance ( in case you need to file a claim during the year )
  • Used electronics reimbursements - old computers, monitors, cell phones, digital cameras, camcorders, game systems, etc.
  • Travel Accident Insurance
How to Get this Deal

All that said, time to go shop with the $10 off $10 code. Use code DADROCKS

Go here to shop JcPenney via Shop at Home. You will get an additional 3% back and if a new member to Shop at Home, you will also get a $5 Sign on Bonus.

You can read more about Online Shopping Rebate sites like Shop at Home here.

Once you complete your order, look for an invite to join the Shopping Savings and get the additional $10 rebate and get your 30 day trial. It will be near the bottom of the final order page.

Finally, thanks to Mommy Snacks for sharing on Facebook about this great coupon!

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Danielle Miller said...

Be sure to look close on the terms that go with the discounted gift cards. A different club I had signed up with had a surcharge AND tax tacked on to each one. And I'm pretty sure that charging tax on a gift card is illegal. But either way, the surcharges made the gift card reimbursement practically useless.

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...

Thanks Danielle.

I am a member of another company right now just like this and pay $12 a month and get discounted gift cards.

And, have been members of about 4 others over the years. I have never heard of a company charging for discounted gift cards. Which company was it that did this to you?

Each month, I buy $100 in gas and get $20 back ( more than paying for my $12 membership ) plus I get $10 to use at Brylane Home each month.

I have never been charged any fees, just $80 for $100 of cards. It is a great deal and we have been members for a long time now....love the discounted gift card deals.

If you get a chance...let us all know the company that did that to you so we can steer clear.

Mo said...

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Anonymous said...

if i received the $10 off coupon from JCP in the mail, can I use the online coupon and the mail coupon?

John said...

I would like to share a tip I just found about a discount gift card exchange called abcgiftcards.com . You can buy sell and trade gift cards at discounted prices from all National retailers.

Energy Rebates said...

There is lot of fun when we found any rebate or discount at any shop. Hence there are many online coupons available online.

Rachel said...

Just wanted to let you know I did this deal. (There was another recent $10 off $10). However, there have been some changes. Instead of a $25 grocery rebate per 3 month period, it is only $15. Plus, none of my grocery stores are included in the list for giftcards. I will be keeping the membership for a month or two just to get the drugstore giftcards though.