Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bonus 3% Back w Upromise - Hardware, Garden and Furniture Stores

If you are a member of the Upromise and have their credit card like I do, be on the look out for mailing coming with your special registration code for an extra 2% back on Hardware, Interior Furnishing, and Garden stores. Normally you get 1% back on those type of stores, so this brings you up to 3%. Nice, considering this is the time of year many of us will be shopping at these type of stores. Mine arrived in my mailbox today. It took me a moment to sign in and register for the additional cash back.

Remember, when you grocery shop and buy Upromise items, you get 10% back on those items. This was the main reason I signed up for this particular credit card. Each week I use it to buy select grocery items and earn money.

Remember, credit cards are a great way to make extra money on your purchases. The key? You need to pay them off each month in full to get charged no interest.

Afraid you will spend more with a credit card vs. cash? The same principles apply as with the cash system. Keep track and set a budget.

If you only want to spend $75 on groceries for the week, keep a check register with you and track your purchases as soon as you make them and know you can't go over. Or, make certain sheets for each category ( instead of an envelope for each category ).

With a little dedication, you can earn money back on your credit cards plus keep your cash in the bank longer earning interest ( click here for recommended banks ).

On average by strategically using our credit cards, my family usually earns an extra $800 to $1,000 a year. We pay our bills ( if no fee ) and all necessity items with credit cards where ever possible. Garbage bills, phone bill, groceries, etc and those needed expenses add up. This year alone we are at almost $200 back in our pockets.

Would you like to get a Upromise Credit Card, too, and begin earning? Click here to join Upromise for free and then sign up for their credit card.

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