Saturday, April 24, 2010

$200 Worth of Online Studies - Focus Forward

Here is an update on Focus Forward screeners this week.

If you are new to Market Research and would like to learn more on earning with this method, click here. You will also see links to my favorite programs.

Before taking screeners, make sure to sign up for Focus Forward here.

  • $75 Nationwide Online Study for Women for 90 minutes - April 28th or 29th
  • $50 Nationwide Study for 50 minute phone interview for men/women - April 29th thru May 6th
  • $75 Nationwide Study for 3 Day Online Bulletin Board - May 4th thru May 6th
Go here to take these three screeners.

Remember to watch your email account, as Focus Forward will also send out quick surveys worth a few bucks here and there.

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Mellisa said...

Carrie, First thanks for introducing me to these focus groups. I am currently in one right now for $100. :) My question is do you know if they limit the number of studies that you can do. For instance when I am done with this study and I qualify for another one next month, will the disqualify me for doing the previous study?

Carrie @ said...


Each company is different and it depends on the study. Some will ask the last time you took a study. Sometimes they will ask the last time you took a grocery study.

It is kind of like surveys, it depends on what they are looking for in regards to the pool of people they need.

Usually, though, it is safe to say most companies SEEM to allow you open qualification again after 6 months.

And, don't forget there are others great companies you can participate with, too.

Have fun on your $100 study.