Thursday, March 18, 2010

Grocery Deals this Week! 69 Cents Juice & More

Pulled my grocery game lists for the week, have my coupons ready to go, checked all my electronic coupons and I am off!

Well, almost.

Since I have found the Shop at Home coupon database, I now quickly do a check for any printable coupons to match up to my Grocery Game list.

Once you have your list, click here to go to their Grocery coupons database and search on the product listed in the search box.

Here are some examples of Shop at Home printable that match up with this week's Grocery Game list.

  • Green Giant Steamers at Kroger - down to $.38 from $2.39 w/printable
  • Old Orchard Healthy Balance Juice at Meijer - down to $.69 from $2.59 w/printable/promotion
  • Land O Lakes Buttery Spread at Meijer - Free w/promotion and printable
There are many, many more. But, I think you get the idea. Often times, printable may be worth more than the coupons that come in the Sunday paper. It never hurts to check.

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hot uk deals said...

I like the idea of Money saving Tips:I would like to add one more tip is: When you have free time not spend your time in the big department store,because you will buy things without need,so save your money now

Carrie @ said...

Definitely check our my Sale Shopping method ( click on the 2010 drop down in the upper left to find the Sale Shopping category ).

By putting a list together at the beginning of the year of who you need to buy for and what occasion, you can make sure you stick to your list and NOT buy things you don't need.