Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Earn Up to $15 with ViewPoints

I have been holding off introducing ViewPoints on my blog until they came out with another promotion ( where we could all earn extra money ).

So, I was happy when I got an email yesterday sharing their $10 for 10 promotion is up for St. Patrick's Day.

ViewPoints is a website where you register for free and can then go out and review products. They have many, many categories and I am sure you can find something you own or have used on their list.

This is also a great place to go and read what others think about a product before you personally shell out your own money to go buy it. Read reviews from other members and here the good and the bad!

So, how can you get up to $15 right now.

First, if you are a member of Inbox Dollars ( if not, click here to join ) you can find they have an offer for ViewPoints under their Cash Offers section on the website. You will earn up to $5 for writing your reviews. Reviews must be a minimum of 900 characters to qualify.

Before you jump on board, though, let me explain. You will earn only 25 cents per review. This means you need to write 40 reviews to get the $5 in your account.

With the $10 for 10 promotion, you get $1 per review! That means you only need to write 10 reviews to earn a $10 Target Gift Card.

But, the kicker is that you cannot begin earning this $10 for 10 UNTIL you are done with your $5 promotion with Inbox Dollars. But, you can choose to skip the extra $5 all together.

SOOOOOOO....I wanted to give you all the information so you could make an educated decision. Basically, you can sign up with ViewPoints thru Inbox Dollars and earn $15 by doing 50 Reviews. You will earn $5 more.

Or, you can go directly here to sign up directly with ViewPoints and earn $10 for 10 Reviews. You will not be able to go back and get this extra $5 at another time, but you do write a lot less reviews.

Either way you personally choose, the $15 or $10 option, you will still make some nice extra money online.

For the $10 for 10 promotion only, here are some details:

  • Must be written by March 28th
  • First 10,000 reviews qualify
  • Min. of 900 characters
  • Must be qualifying categories set forth in the rules
  • Must be about real products

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Julie said...

$0.25 per review for Inbox Dollars up to a total of $5 means 20 reviews, not 40. Am I missing something?

Blogger said...

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