Wednesday, March 24, 2010

AT&T DSL Settlement - Receive up to $2.90 per Month

Over the last few years, I have actually heard from people that their AT&T DSL was terrible, slow and they were very unhappy.

So when I saw this DSL Settlement information, I immediately thought of them. In fact, I thought of all my blog readers who may also have been or are customers of AT&T.

The lawsuit claims that AT&T was limiting the speed of DSL service below the maximum rate for plans purchased and delivering speeds at below what was promised.

There is a proposed settlement that has been reached in a class action suit and is pending.

The details are:

  • AT&T DSL customer in the U.S. AFTER March 31, 1994
  • If records show your speed below the designated rate ( they will check this, you don't need to go thru records )
  • Receive $2.90 for each month it was below
  • If speed below certain thresholds , you may be eligible to receive $2.00 a month for each such month
  • You will receive only one ( either the $2.90 or the $2.00 if you fall into a category, but not both )
  • If records do not show you fall into either of these categories but you still believe your speed was low, you may still receive a $2.00 payment
  • AT&T will also pay $3.75 million to charity as part of the settlement
If you would like to fill out the online form to make sure you receive your payments, if and when issued, fill out the form here

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honestnicewoman said...

Thanks for posting this. I filled out a form. I've paid for the highest speed available but didn't think it was any better than other services I use at other locations.

Snowed In said...

Thanks...I hadn't heard about this anywhere else before now, so this post was very helpful info.

BTW, your listed phone number appears to be directing to a conferencing service...I wanted to call to ask you a question.