Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Save and then EARN with Smarty Pig!

Recently I had a reader write me about my opinion of Smarty Pig, and to tell you the truth I had not researched the company yet.

But, I have ultimately decided to open an account for myself and also share the details with everyone here.

The program is designed to help families save and reach their goals. As the old saving goes, having money will burn a hole in your pocket. And, so often that is true. If you have the money on hand it is very easy to spend it and not even know where it went!

So, Smarty Pig is set up to assist us in saving and prevent us from spending all our hard earned cash.

Smarty Pig - 2.01% Plus Much More

Here is how it works:
  • Open an account with at least $25 for free here.
  • It is FDIC insured.
  • Set a goal of at least $250 or up to $250,000. Are you saving for a house? Car? TV? What about a vacation?
  • Use the calculator to figure out how much you need to save each month to reach your goal on time. They will give you various options to reach that goal.
  • Must have a recurring monthly "saving" deposit of at least $10 a month. This insures you are working towards your goal.
  • Contribution options and also social media options.
  • You can publicize your goal via Facebook, etc (keeping your private information private ) and family and friends can use your email to help you reach it. Birthdays, Holidays, etc and they can give you the gift of assisting you.
  • While your money is in the account, you will earn the High Interest Rate.
  • Once you reach your goal, you can redeem and earn even more! You can put it on a gift card and they will add up to 12% more! This is my favorite part....free money.
  • Don't need a gift card, you can have your money put on a debit card or send back to your bank account.
I think my favorite aspects are the interest rate ( earning money ) and that you can redeem it for gift cards for even more free money.

But, I also like that kids can have an account! I am going to sit down with my eldest son to see what he thinks about having his own account and what kind of goal he would like. He would need to put $10 in a month, but I figured that could be $2.50 a week of allowance ( he better keep that room clean and MORE! ) and then he can learn and watch as his numbers increase each week.

So, what is one of your financial goals for 2010? Go here and set it up now and begin reaching for it!

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sharon said...

Thank you for these great money saving methods!! I have been saving like crazy since I first started reading your blog last year in March!! I love bank deals. Plus, guess what I paid per gallon of gas last week? With the program at my grocery store, I only paid 9cents per gallon!!!!I paid $2.57 to fill up my 26 gallon van with only spending $63 out of my pocket on groceries. I wanted to grab everyone at the station and show them my pump! This week, I'm shooting for a free gallon!
You have really blessed my family with this blog!!

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...


Thanks so much for the encouraging words!

I am so glad my blog has been able to help.

I didn't do that great at the gas station this week, but I did get 60 cents off per gallon...about as good as it gets with my Kroger program.

But, I was excited.

So, I can ONLY imagine how ecstatic I would be if I had paid 9 cents a gallon! That is UNBELIEVABLE!!!