Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Groupon - New Discount Site for your Area!

I am so extremely excited. I have been seeing advertisements and hearing from readers ( thanks Susan ) what a great program it is. It is active in many cities around the United States.

It is very similar to the program I shared recently here, Adility. But, it had not come to the Cincinnati area yet. Well, just last week, our site went up live! Yay!

The concept is that each day, there is an extreme deal in your area. A set amont of people need to buy it before it becomes active and once it does, you are good to go.

When you sign up, they will send you an email once a day with the deal so you don't miss out. And, I have been keeping an eye on them excitedly. Most days, they were great deals but on the opposite side of Cincinnati from me, so I didn't bite.

87% off Jazzercise

But, today I was jumping up and down. Two of my girlfriends have done Jazzercise around here for years and love it. And, I have always wanted to go with them, but just never did. In fact, I was talking to another girlfriend about it just last Friday and how I wanted to register.

Then, today I get an email from Groupon saying it is 87% off. Today only, they are charging $20 for 10 sessions, or $2 a class. I called my girlfriend who has gone and asked her if this was a good deal. She confirmed it was. She said if you just come you pay $10 a CLASS! Wow! Or, she used to be able to pay $40 for a month, but only averaged about 8 classes in a month.

So, sign up I did today and am now going to be enjoying my 10 classes of Jazzercise. I am excited to see if I like it! And, I even sent the deal to some of my other friends to see if they wanted to join, too, and we could all meet up. Keeping my fingers crossed, because it would be fun. :)

Anyway, whatever your local deal may be, you don't want to miss it. Recently, they had a great deal for the Glow in the Dark putt-putt by us, Monster Golf, and I wish I would have grabbed that deal, too. It would have been a great Birthday party deal again. I plan to keep a close eye on it daily to see what other bargains I can snag.

To make sure you get the deals for your area of the United States, click here to register with Groupon. Then, sit back and wait for something worthwhile to show up for your area!

And, don't forget they have a Refer a Friend program! You won't get paid in cash, but they will add money to your Groupon account that you can then use to purchase deals from their site. Well worth telling your friends if you find a good deal!

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Anonymous said...

I love Groupon! And I have $10 groupon bucks waiting for the next deal that catches my eye from when I referred my mom :D

Carrie @ said...

I have gotten good feedback from readers on the program. I should have posted about it earlier, but I kept waiting for it to come to Cincinnati so I could try it out for myself.

I am excited for my first deal! :) And, you are right..the refer a friend program is amazing! I wish Adility had that, too.

Karen Foster said...

Dear Carrie -
I came across your site today I think through Stretching a Buck's Blogroll and I love it!!! I love that you have items other than just grocery coupon ideas. I am in the process of "starting" a blog....very very infant stage - and agree with alot of your ideas on not just saving money with .50 cent coupons, but also watching your checking account interest rate and other "MAJOR" items.
Keep up the hard work. I'll link to you on my site!!!
Karen Foster

Andrea said...

I am in a big area and there are never any deals.

Carrie @ said...


What area are you in? I always like to be informed on the companies I promote.

And, according to their discussion on Groupon today, this deal for Cincinnati is actually good everywhere Jazzercise case you have one near you.

I would recommend calling first to verify, though, or go read the discussion on the Groupon/Cincy page.


Thnx so much for the nice comments. I rarely do coupon deals, since I use the Grocery Game for my coupon needs. It is easy and fast for me.

But, I do try to just run my blog as a diary of sorts, on what my family is doing to save and earn money each day.

If you have a button, send it to me and I can add you to my Blogs to Read button.

Nicole said...

I love Jazzercise! I actually only pay $10/month in exchange for babysitting only 1 hour a week. Each center does their babysitting differently, so check with your local center about the details.If you want to stick with Jazzercise and save some serious bucks, the babysitting program is great! It saves me $324 a year!

Champagne Wisdom said...

You're going to LOVE Jazzercise!! I was an instructor for years and became addicted to it - I wish I still WAS!! But, when I moved from Georgia to Alabama...I couldn't find (and still can't) any classes around me. :( It's THE BEST exercise I have ever taken - fun AND great results!! Enjoy it! I'd gladly pay FULL PRICE to find one nearby!! I just don't have time to start my own class anymore. I hope you enjoy it!!

Carrie @ said... gals are getting me so excited. My friends have raved about it for years.

And, I never thought about seeing if they needed babysitters in exchange for cheaper classes. Great idea!

After my 10 classes are over, I will have to look into it.