Friday, February 19, 2010

$50 ( normally $25 ) Sharebuilder Account Bonus!

I have always loved Sharebuilder and their account bonuses!

For the last year, the only account bonus I had on my site for them was their $25 bonus. But, I am excited to share that for a limited time, you can get $50 free when you open an account. This is a 100% return on your initial investment! Doesn't get much better than that.

If you are new to Bank Bonuses and how you can earn your family extra money, click here or go to my Bank Offers on my left menu bar.

$50 Free Bonus!

So, here are the details:
  • Open a new account ( Individual, Joint or Custodial )
  • Deposit at least $50 ( use code 50WCFA ) by April 16th, 2010
  • $50 Bonus will be deposited into your account 4-6 weeks after your deposit
  • Your $50 cannot be withdrawn for 90 days
Earning $50 is that easy! Click here to get the full details and open your account!

And, don't forget about the Smarty Pig offer I shared last week. It is a great way to save for your goals, plus earn up to 12% when you redeem on gift cards. Go here to read more.

If you have local banks in your area that ever have Bank Bonuses going on, please feel free to email me the details and I can share with everyone!

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Penny said...

I clicked the "click here to get the full details and open your account" and do not get any further directions on the page. Is there perhaps another link? Thanks

Anonymous said...

Is this a soft pull or a hard-pull...we have great credit but want to keep it that way? Any ideas?

Kristina said...

I tried looking through your older posts, but I couldn't find the post that gave step by step instructions for setting up the sharebuilder accounts. I have done these offers for myself and my daughter in the past by following your instructions. My youngest daughters account is already set up, but I always get stuck when it is time to add a stock to my plan. I know they cost $4, but how much do I actually have to enter in the box after I enter the stock symbol? Thanks!

Kristina said...

Nevermind....I figured it out. Sorry! :P

Carrie @ said...


When you click on that link it takes you to an image for Sharebuilder...a picture. Click on that picture and it will then take you to the Sharebuilder site. Once there, you can read Sharebuilder terms/conditions and details or open the account.

In regards to soft or hard the past it has always been a soft pull for me. I have never had a hard pull.

But, if you are concerned, I would recommend calling them first to verify and then come set up your account.