Friday, February 12, 2010

$4 for 20 Purex Laundry Detergents plus More

Technically, I only paid $1.95 at Kroger, but I added the cost of eBay, and am right under $4 with both.

Since the sale was so great on laundry detergent this week, I decided to stock pile. We should be set for quite awhile, which will save us on future shopping trips. And, don't worry everyone, there were TONS left at the stores I hit.

Why I am writing this post is to share some helpful tips:

  • You can order coupons on eBay when great sales like this come around. I got the coupons free, but you do have to pay the cost of the labor for the seller to cut, ship and mail them to you. I spent $1.98 for 20 coupons.
  • Your Kroger MAY limit you on how many items you can find.
My store manager was NOT happy with me today. I checked out with my very first set ( 2 laundry detergents and an apple, which was 25 cents ). My total came to $.10 after coupons. I had a $4 Catalina from when I had shopped earlier in the week and bought 2 Purex detergents, so my total came to 10 cents.

The clerk looked at the total and said, "hold on." She went and got the manager and asked if this was OK for me to only pay 10 cents.

The manager said yes, that the coupons were valid, but that I could not do my next transaction because it was for my next shopping trip. So, I asked how long I had to leave the store and come back. I had my mom with me, and wanted to make sure I knew when I could come back to get more.

I think she was surprised I asked, because she said, "That's fine." So, the clerk rang up 2 more transactions. But, then the manager came back and said, "No more. You can have these 6, but that is it."

They took the rest back and so I left paying 30 cents. I was happy with that. My next Kroger is just down the road, so for this type of savings, it was worth going to the next location.

At that store, we didn't have any issues.

When I got home, I called Kroger to see what their coupon policy is, since I have never had an issue before.

I was told:

EACH store, the manager has the discretion to decide if they will accept, deny or limit the amount of coupons a customer can use.

So, go in knowing you may be limited. If I had known that, I would have asked the manager on the way in first so I hadn't wheeled so many up to the front of the store. Would have saved me time and them time restocking the shelves.

You may want to stop at the customer service desk when going in the store to ask if they have a limit.

My store has a limit of 6, I found out, per my manger. :) Good to know. And, this doesn't mean you can't go to another store or shop another day. I was told I could come back another time.

  • If your Catalina doesn't print, don't fret!

Here are some helpful hints going forward. If you check your printed coupons each shopping trip, often times the upcoming Catalina deals will print out there. I keep these in the front of my coupon carrier for future reference or back up.

If you saw the upcoming Catalina deal in a paper or ad, just tear it out and keep it with your coupons.

For this particular deal, I have a copy of the print out. Let me know if you need it and I can email it to you. I have already had to send it to someone else when their $4 didn't print, and I don't mind at all.

I think that is it! Enjoy this great stockpiling event!

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Andrea said...

Personally, I think the manager made up the rules as she went. I doubt there really was a 6 item limit before you checked out. She just didn't like you getting by so cheaply!! Furthermore, isn't the sale a Buy 10, get $3 off sale??? The very nature of their sale encourages you to buy 10, but now she says there's a limit of 6?? That is wrong! Sorry that happened to you.

Carrie @ said...


I think if I had bought them all in one transaction, it would have been fine.

It was the fact that I was rolling the catalina to pay for the next one and kept checking out for 10 cents.

That is why I called Kroger, since I thought the same thing. But, they said their policy was each managers discretion.

The lady on the phone even said ( before she realized I was a coupon shopper ), "you do know that there are people out there who buy multiple papers to get more coupons. And, we have issues with the clearinghouse with that."

I told her I was one of those ladies who buy multiple papers. So, she then tried to explain to me how the Clearinghouse makes them prove that if they turn the coupons in that they sold the products and it can get difficult.

So, I asked her, but if they match up you get paid, right? She said yes. And, I told her I had the correct number of products per coupon, so she then just recited the policy that each manager had their own discretion. :)

So, just beware. I still bought them all at multiple stores, so I don't mind. A little hassle to have to drive to another store, but what can you do.

The only thing I told my Mom was, I have shopped at this particular Kroger for 6 years...every week. And, I have spent a lot of money on groceries over the years ( even with coupons/sales ) and this manager has seen me for years. So, it was a bit aggravating that they aren't a bit more accomodating to loyal shoppers to their stores. Oh, well.

Wendy said...

Can you explain the whole process at Kroger. This is a new one on me. How did you get these savings?

Evelyn said...

Can you tell us the catalina deal on the Purex, and do you know which insert had a Purex coupon?

Danielle Miller said...

I've had the liberty Fairfield location limit me to six of the same coupons once. When I had a stack of free healthy choice coupons from houseparty. But except for that one time, I've not had them limit me any other time.

One thing I like to do is go through the self scan. I can take my time and make sure I have my stuff together. And it also helps because the cashier is seeing me stand there with my list and my calculator, and when I hand over the coupons, I tell him/her the number of coupons I have, then I count as each one comes off the screen. I've even separated my coupon stack so I don't have more than several of the same coupons in a row. With me doing it this way, the cashier is aware that I'm anal about the whole thing and I'm going to give them problems if they say anything. And they don't want to mess with it since they see how much effort I'm putting into it. A cashier doesn't want to go through that much detail with a transaction.

You just happened to get a cashier that wanted to give you a hard time. Or maybe she was bored.

I hope this deal is still going on next week. I need to try to get some more coupons.

Carrie @ said...

Wendy and Evelyn,

Here are 2 posts I did earlier in the week that had the step by step description and the Catalina deal along with other Kroger deals this week.

I know, I know...I typed about it a lot this week, but it was a heck of a deal. :)

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that there were so many coupons being sold on ebay!! Amazing how much money I am starting to save by websites like this.


Carrie @ said...

Not a problem. eBay is great for buying coupons when there is a good event.

Usually ( I can't promise ) they come very quickly. Mine came in 3 days.

Anonymous said...

I bought the Purex and my catalina didn't print out! You said something about emailing a copy of the printout? If you can its Thanks!!

kd said...

I was just at Kroger and my Catalina didn't print and the manager looked at me like I was crazy when I asked why it didn't. Would you be able to send me a copy of it. Also does it say who to call? My email is Thanks for all the information. :)

Carrie @ said...

Hi Ladies,

I actually posted the print out on my blog. I shared it on Facebook, so I apologize if any of you didn't know. Oopsss!

Anyway, here is the link for a copy of the Purex Catalina deal.

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