Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Imyst - Mystery Shopping & Market Research Company

Welcome to my weekly post on Mystery Shopping. Every week, I strive to bring you a new company to add to your shopping list!

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This week I would like to introduce you to a company called Imyst.

Imyst - Mystery Shopping & Market Research

I am happy to say I got accepted for a new shop today! And, it is for a retail location I shop regularly near my home. In fact, I am looking at a great ( clearance ) item I recently bought at their store and gave my husband as a Christmas gift.

Now, I get to shop this location as normal and get paid! I love Mystery Shopping!

Imyst is a new company I recently joined. As of yet, I have not found any jobs near my home but I do see that they have some available in many other states around the U.S.

I also like this company because they offer Market Research ( another great way to earn money ), so you are getting additional opportunities to make a difference and earn money.

If you are interested in signing up with this company, click here.

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TriNi said...

I've always wondered about this kind of program with mystery shopping. Are they legit? How exactly do they work? I've heard of so many scams with them that I'm very skeptical of signing up with any.

Hoping to get a reply ..

TriNi @ Make Money Online Free

Carrie @ said...

Hi TriNi,

I do only post legit Mystery Shopping companies on my site.

I have been secret shopping for years now ( restaurants, stores, etc ) and really enjoy it.

Although you sign up with the companies, it does not mean you are guaranteed jobs. You just begin to get access to their job boards and you can then begin to apply to each shop ( usually a one or two click process ). Then, they will assign the shops.

To read more about Mystery Shopping, click my Mystery Shopping button in the left side bar. It will take you to my write up on the subject, give you some pointers and then you can see all the companies I recommend listed in the sidebars there or click on the All Posts button on that page to read about even more companies.