Friday, January 22, 2010

House Party - Sandwich Revolution

A new House Party is open and accepting applications. If you are new to this program, it is a fun and exciting opportunity for you to receive free products while throwing a party. The company sends you your party kit plus freebies for yourself and all you have to do is invite your friends and party, party, party while following their party guidelines.

Here are the details on the new party:

Sandwich Revolution

While hosting a sandwich revolution party ( yes, you all get to eat ) you will get the chance to create recipes while using their flatbread!

Here is what is included:
  • $20 of Sandwich Rolls for you
  • Cutting Board
  • $1 Off coupons for your guests
  • 15 Reusable Bags
  • 15 Grocery List Pads
  • Recipe Cards for your guests
  • Nutrition Guides for your guests
If you would like to fill out the invite for this party, register here.

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Anonymous said...

For anyone wondering this is a great flat bread. I eat the multigrain one. Good source of fiber and great taste. I toast mine because I need a new grill. No this is spam or an add and no I wont get paid for this. Just a comment is all..


Carrie @ said...

Thanks Erika,

It was funny, I had never even noticed this product at my local Krogers. But, last week when I was shopping it popped out at me on the shelf.

I think it was all because I had noticed it as a new House Party. It does look good.