Friday, January 22, 2010

Daily Deals in your Area - Cheap Birthday Party Anyone?

I signed up with this company awhile ago to see if it was worth blogging about and I decided today that it was. I will admit, I have not ordered through them yet. So, if anyone has experience with them, please share!

This is not to say that every deal on here will be one geared for you, but you never know. One of the daily deals might be worth your while.

The company is Adility and when you register you then have the opportunity to get in on a daily deal. If at least 5 people order the deal, it then becomes active and you will receive the price they quote. If 5 people do not buy into it, you won't receive that price.

There are also a set amount of deals a day. So, even if it goes active, there may only be 100 available. So, once the deal is gone, it is gone.

Today, I logged in and checked Cincinnati's deal. It is $29.99 for 16 FREE movie tickets ( well, I guess they aren't free since I would be paying $29.99, but you get the gist ), 8 Buy One get One Tickets, and 4 Free Medium Popcorns to Danbarry Movie Theatres in my area.

If you don't have a Danbarry by you, they are a lower priced theatre that show movies after they have hit the main theatres and before they go to rental. Tickets in my area go for $3 most days. $1.75 on Tuesdays.

I am trying to plan a birthday party for my youngest son, and I saw this deal. I cannot do it for him ( he is too young at 3 for the movies being shown ), but how I wished my 7 year old son was having his birthday. The cinema is showing Where the Wild Things Are, and it would have been perfect for a party.

For $29.99, I could have let him invite a group of boys for his birthday. I would have invited another mom or two ( to help me drive the mini van carpool ) and we could have loaded the kids up. My idea? Have the boys dropped off at my home, head to the theater, watch the movie, and then drive home for cake/ice cream/gifts.

I did this last year for my daughter, but only took a couple kids because the tickets for UP were quite pricey, even for the afternoon showing.

Anyway, you get the idea on the types of deals they have. I took a look around at other cities and they had everything from car washes, paint ball, movies, massages and more.

To register to receive your daily deals from Adility, click here.

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Anonymous said...

Where the Wild Thing Are is not for kids. My boyfriend and I went to see it and we're in our early 20s and it was hard to digest. We left the theater asking each other what in the world we just saw. Definitely watch it yourself before letting your kid watch it.

Anonymous said...

Cool thanks for the heads up. It looks like Groupon (which I love) except for the extra restrictions (must have 5 people, limited amount) so I signed up for emails for the Dallas one :)

Anonymous said...

Oh actually Groupon has to have a certain amount of people also. I didn't even know that lol... probably because it's always "on" by the time I get on the computer midday :P