Monday, January 11, 2010

Free + Make Money on 10 Ream Case of Paper plus More!

Stock up time!

Office Max is running some great promotions right now. And, thanks to their loyalty program, MaxPerks, you will get all these items for FREE! When you go to their site via the links below, make sure you sign up for their program FIRST before shopping.

You will get free shipping if you order over $50, so combine all these offers to not pay shipping!

10 Ream Case Paper

  • Reg $37.99
  • Sale $34.99
  • MaxPerks Bonus Rewards $35
  • Limit 2, Free after MaxPerks back

Sharpie Fine Point Permanent Markers, 12-pack

  • Reg $8.29
  • Sale $5.99
  • MaxPerks Bonus Rewards $6
  • Limit 3, Free after MaxPerks back

ASCEND Recycled Peel-to-Seal, No.10 Envelopes
  • Sale $3.99
  • MaxPerks Bonus Rewards, $4
  • Limite 3, Free after MaxPerks back
Click here to shop Office Max directly and get these items!

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Thanks goes to Frugal Rhode Island Mama for sharing!

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Cassie said...

I'm a little nervous - I went ahead and purchased the max of all 3 items, but on their main page it says "Up to $70" - I read all of the fine print and no where does it say a maximum of $70 overall, just a maximum of $70 for the paper... I hope I get my entire amount back and not just $70!

Nichole said...

I have never seen this from this company. Does anyone know if this will work just like the Staples rewards? Speaking of Staples, does anyone know when we will get the rewards for the batteries?

Carrie @ said...


The limit is 2 at $35 for the paper. Thus, $70. You should be fine.


I have shared Office Max previously and have a card. It works similar to all the Office store programs.

Sharon said...

Do you think they honor staples coupons? I have a staples coupon which says, order $100 get a $25 gift card for various restaurants.

Carrie @ said...


Run by your local store. They will not honor in person, but in store they have honored by before.

Or, call your local store if you want to save yourself a trip.

Connie Petertonjes said...

Thanks for the post on this offer! I never shop at Office Max, since there isn't one super close to us. But, envelopes, sharpies and paper are things I use a ton of, so this deal is great! Can't beat free shipping, too!

Cassie and Jase said...

I just received my markers & paper today! (Envelopes are on backorder)