Sunday, January 10, 2010

$75-$100 Schlesinger Studies

Market Research is a fun and easy way to make a money and I try to bring you as many studies I can.

If you are new to earning money with this method, click here to read more or go to my Focus Groups button in the left menu bar at anytime. I have helpful tips on taking part in these opportunities, and also list the companies I recommend in the right menu bar of that page. Simply click on any of them to sign up for free and begin getting invited to take part.

This weekend, I was invited for a few studies, and found a new Panel for men:


Click here to sign up with this company first. I recommend signing up even if you don't qualify for either of these below. You want to make sure you get future screeners.

Then, go here to see if you qualify for either of these studies:
  • $75-100 Telephone Interview - Women/Men Age 18-69 who have been diagnosed with ITP
  • $75-100 Telephone Interview - Women/Men 18+ who are taking Generic Subutex
Fox Panel

They are specifically looking for men between the age of 18-30 years old. If you are in that age range or have a significant other that meets those needs, have them sign up here.

On top of monthly drawings, if you participate in one survey every 3 months ( or 4 surveys in 2010 ) you will receive a $20 to $25 gift card, depending on what you choose.

Happy to report that I finally got my first invite from Consumer Village, too. If you haven't registered with them yet, they are part of Gongos for those of us who don't live near their headquarters. :) Sign up here.

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