Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Photo Mug for $6.46

Great photo gift idea! I actually got one for my husband thanks to the House Party I did recently. The kids can't wait to give Daddy his!

Right now, get a photo mug for $6.46 from See Here.

And, don't forget you can get 100 free prints for new members, just use the code prints at checkout. Click here.

After you have your free prints, order your photo mug. At checkout, use code nicolesnickels. It will bring your price down to and give you free shipping!

Thanks, Nicole Nickels!

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Sharon said...

I made a mug for my hubby for Valentine's Day. Perhaps if you are already done with Christmas shopping, begin thinking of next year's holidays, birthdays etc....

Carrie @ said...

Great idea!

They are definitely good gifts for anyone who works and drinks coffee.

It is a fun way to display kids/grandkids photos while at the office.