Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Over $200 in 20/20 Research Studies

Right after my post yesterday on 20/20 Research's available studies, they released 3 more studies!

  • $75 Online Weight Loss Study for Women Jan 4th to 8th
  • $75 Online Study regarding Children's Physical Activity Dec 28-29 or Dec 30-31
  • $75 Indianapolis Focus Group for Homeowners Dec 17
First, click here to register with 20/20 if you haven't already.

Once you are a member, go here to take your studies.

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Jennifer said...

I am not sure what they are looking for but I always fill these out and never hear back. Maybe one day they will call me :)

Carrie @ said...


Someday, Jennifer, Someday!

Seriously, though, they do have certain requirements for each study ( maybe a few different categories ) and as they fill up the rest of us are out of luck...or we don't qualify at all.

I have found, usually when I qualify, all of a sudden the screener becomes much longer. The questions will become more specific, too and begin asking brand specific questions, etc.

For all 3 I have gotten in the last month and a half, this happened.

So, I pretty much know..if I only got the general questions in the screener, it disqualified me before I got to far into it.