Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Free Online Bookkeeping Program

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve, and honestly....I cannot wait for 2010!

OK, being another year older is not at the top of my list, of course. But, I do always get extremely excited to see what each new year brings for me and my family. I am full of hope for the new and good things we will experience each year.

But, I also am glad to be given the opportunity to set my goals all over and give myself that annual pep talk to get me moving in the right direction. I look back at previous years and see what worked, but also take into account what didn't.

And, although I am not going to bore you with my history in 2009 ( many of you were here reading for a good part of it ), we all know as humans there is always room for improvement. I had goals I missed, obviously.

And, one of the things I want to vastly improve on this year is keeping my earnings and expenses tracked. I was great at keeping my earnings categorized and accounted for this year ( and every year ). I love that aspect of earning/saving. As I have always said, it keeps me motivated. But, tracking all my expenses. Seriously, how fun is that? :)

But, I did begin using a program this year ( not the full year ) that is keeping me in line. But, now I found another free program from Quickbooks, too. So, I am going to utilize them both for a month or two to see what works for me and then continue on with it throughout 2010.

So, as you prepare for 2010, I wanted to make sure you had access to both these free programs to track your earnings/expenses. Remember, whether you blog, mystery shop, complete online offers, home sales parties or anything that you earn money for your family, you can deduct certain expenses relative to that activity.

So, make sure to track it all. Mileage, ink, paper, etc. Check with your tax professional for restrictions and what you can and cannot deduct, but track it so you are prepared come tax time!

So, here we go:

Quickbooks Online Free
  • Track your money -income/expenses ( create invoices, too )
  • Reports - Profit/Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, Transactions by Date
  • And, more
  • Click here to get it free
  • Go here and here to read all about this program from my previous post!
  • Favorite aspects? Tax estimate by each quarter of the year. No shocking tax bill at the end of the year! And, they have a new mileage tracker section.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Carrie! I think I did really well tracking earnings but totally blew it for expenses. I think I am going to give Ourtight a try. I did a bit of work today on my books in anticipation of the new year. I also did a little math on what I savd by working from home. :) I came up with about $7000.00 of trackable expenses if I worked out 7 days a week for 52 weeks as I work blogging.

Here is hoping all things wonderful for you, your family and your readers in 2010.