Monday, December 14, 2009

60 Photo Cards w/Free Shipping - $4.90

Oh, how sick you are of me typing about this deal.

But, I FINALLY ordered the last of my Christmas cards last night with this deal (I had gotten some from a studio when I took my kids for their annual pictures, so was waiting to see how many came free with what I ordered )

Anyway, right now, See Here is offering Free Shipping when you order 60 photo cards!

This makes for a GREAT deal.

If you remember, you get 50 Free 4X8 Photo cards when you use code newbaby.

Shipping comes to a little over $3! Good deal.

But, if you add on 10 extra cards, that brings you to 60 cards and you get free shipping.

The price of 10 extra cards is $4.90. So, for approximately $1 more than before ( remember shipping is free now, so you can deduct that $3+ ), you are getting 10 extra cards. I couldn't pass it up.

To get your 60 cards ( total of $4.90 out of pocket ), click here. Or, you can still choose to only order 50 for approx. $3+ out of pocket.

My cards should be here tomorrow, then off to addressing them all. I am hoping for the post office to have a sale on postage now. :) I may be waiting quite a while.

Thanks to ??? for emailing me about the 10 extra cards for free shipping. Seriously, I can't find the email of the reader who emailed me this great find...but THANKS. I am not sure I would have checked to see what a deal that was otherwise.

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Anonymous said...

Did you not already do the deal where they came out cheaper than regular stamps? I can't remember if you posted it or if I just saw it on some of the other blogs I follow. If you didn't, the deal is not as good anymore but still good. mrrebates has $7.50 cashback. Go through them and use code PSHoliday1 to get 15% off then code gen1 (I think you have to do them in that order) to get free s/h. Total for 20 photostamps is $16.14 (43.2 cents each).

cristy said...

Oh my goodness. I can not seem to work this website...(either that or my computer is blocking something). I have tried to set up the background, as well as the picture and it does not seem to show up at the bottom. Is there a trick to this website I am missing?

Cristy said...

one hour and half later...I DID IT!!! I asked for the two day shipping because they said it is a 3 day processing + 7 day mail with the free shipping. That leaves me at Christmas Eve. The other way it is 3 day processing and 2 day mail. It only came out to $6+ for 50. Not as great...but definitely good. Thanks Carrie

baludec15 said...

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Kristia said...

what is the trick to create and order photo cards?? I am having problems with this site. I don't know if it is me or the site.

Carrie @ said...


Not is definitely a hard site to use.

What I fiunally did was load my photos ( after I had picked my card design ).

What finally worked for me is if I double clicked on the photo I wanted to use and then all of a sudden it would show up in the window below for editing.

There are also tabs across the top. So, for borders ( or whatever it is called ) if I found one I liked, I did the same thing...double clicked on it.

Not sure if the same thing will work for all computers, but that did the trick on mine.