Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Utilizing Book Clubs for Discounted Gifts

I was so excited recently when I found out one of the series I had read, The Outlander by Diana Gabaldon had released it's most recent novel. It is called An Echo in the Bone.

I packed up my kids and headed to the bookstore to purchase ( I know the library is free, but if I like a book or series, I buy the books and read them over and over and over ). So, I stroll into the bookstore planning to pick up the latest release and look at the price. $30! I am sorry, I just knew I could do better with book clubs. In fact, the only reason I knew the book had been released is because one of the book clubs sent me a flyer.

On top of that, I have been wanting to read the new Nicholas Sparks book. Again, I could do better. I checked Amazon, and I could get it for approx. $17. Still that much?

Many of you may remember I have talked about book clubs, cd and dvd clubs before as a great way to save around the Holidays. So, I wanted to touch on it again, since Holiday shopping is starting soon.

If you plan to buy these for anyone, clubs are a GREAT way to save. This is even with their obligation to purchase a set amount. So, let me explain and break the approximate price out for you.

Doubleday Book Club

  • Sign up here and get 5 Book for 99 Cents
  • You are then required to buy 4 more books, priced $12.99-$18.99
  • If you buy one of the books with your first order, you can get it for only $5.99 ( so add a 6th book on )
  • Now, only 3 more books over 2 years.
  • Mark your calendar for EACH month on the day to cancel the membership shipment ( remember, calendars are your friend when getting freebies,rebates, trials, online offers etc online )
  • Shipment of $2.62 per book will be added on to your initial order.
  • Each month, cancel the monthly shipment.
Now, how do you get the next 3 books discounted?
  • Throughout the year, you will get emails from them with deals on their books. A few times a year, I have always gotten Buy 1 Get 1 Free offers.
  • Buy 2 books at this time. Only 1 will apply to your requirement ( the full priced book ) but you are getting an extra book added on. This is like getting both books at 50% off ( and their prices are already approx. 50% off store prices )
  • Do this for all 3 of your required purchases.
  • I usually wait until the next Holiday season to get more gifts, if needed.
This is an approximate breakdown of how these deals usually go for me ( I am going to assume they will continue to offer these B1G1 deals...keep your fingers crossed for me ):
  • Order 6 books ( 5 for 99 cents, 1 for $5.99, $15.69 shipping ) Total $22.67 ( this is the most you need to spend right now in 2009 )
  • Buy 3 more books at Buy 1 Get 1 Free ( est. $12.99 X 3 for 6 books ) Total $38.97
  • Shipping of approx. $2.50 per book equals another $15
  • Spend approx. $76 for 12 books. That is under $6.50 per book for hardcovers! Great deal!
  • And, you can spread it out over years!
Don't forget, if you are doing Online Offers, these deals often qualify as one of your requirements.

Don't need all those books, but would like a few discounted? Don't forget you can sell the extra books on Half or eBay. Doing this, I have often even made a profit! I always check the NY Times Bestseller list to buy the best books for resale.

Hope you enjoy this insight into how I utilize clubs to save my family money!

Happy Reading!

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Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

I do this too - usually I make it an even better deal by signing up for the club through an online offer site - that way I get credit for an offer on my way to a gift card...AND I get books cheap! I just bought four presents for friends and family on a B1G1 sale through a book club - it is DEFINITELY a good deal!

TopazTook said...

I do this, too, with Children's Book of the Month Club: it's a great way to get kids' books for gifts. Plus, they have a deal running right now where if you buy a book in November (which I did, with a B1G1 deal) -- you also get a free book in January. You've got one more day of November if you're a CBOMC member!