Tuesday, November 24, 2009

75% Off Plus $12 Rebate on Make Up

If you need to stock up on make up and make up cases or just would like to give some as gifts this Holiday season, this is a great time. It meets my 75% off or more rule for sale shopping!

First, I want to start by thanking Stephanie R. for leaving me a comment on my Facebook Page today about this deal. She stocked up on Christmas gifts and wanted to share.

Here are the steps for this deal:

  • Click here to go to e.l.f.
  • Once on their site, click on the cases tab across the top or the elements tab
  • Shop! Buy $25 Worth
  • Use code EH75CE ( maximum of $50 off...thanks to all the comments )
  • Get free Vogue Magazine Subscription OR a $12 rebate instead

Don't forget, if you shop thru a rebate site you can potentially get more back, too! So, you can go to e.l.f via one of these below:

If you are already a member of one of these programs, consider signing up for one of the others to get the $5 sign on bonus and save more!

But, if you have already received your $5 sign on bonuses from all the sites above, then the best % back is thru Big Crumbs.
Have you found any great deals 75% off or more anywhere? Leave a comment on Facebook or on my blog! Let's share those great finds!

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laura said...

Hi, I just tried to do this deal and a few interesting observations:
1. The magazine offer did not appear until I went from checkout back to my shopping cart.
2. you have to click on the "details" link in the magazine offer to find out how to get the cash rebate back.
3. The rebate is not an instant rebate, you must mail within 30 days of your order.
4. I played with my shopping cart until i got a total of $25.95 (includes the 75% off and the shipping cost of $6.95), yet when i went to checkout, the total jumped to $30.95 (and there wasn't any tax)?????
5. I got nervous and abandoned the deal.

Just wanted to share my experience,

bri said...

I'm trying to do this as well and the coupon code doesn't want to give me more than $50 off....

mommyluvs2save said...

I tried to and only got $50 off so I exited the deal. Thanks anyway it's always appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I tried this before and my rebate check never came. It's been 6 months.

Laura said...

I have also never gotten a rebate check, and I've tried this deal several times. The last time I even tried to follow up with e.l.f., but they never responded to my message and I couldn't get hold of an actual person. I think that's kind of crappy and don't plan to buy from them again.

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...

That is TERRIBLE customer service!

But, remember, gals....never take no for an answer.

If they don't respond and you have tried to get the issue resolved, ALWAYS file a BBB report.

Here is the link for e.l.f.

I would suggest doing it now.

It takes moments to fill these out ( I do is whenever a company doesn't comply with their terms ) and it is also a customer service.

You may then get your money, but if not..it is important so that other consumers know that they are not honest with their rebate policies.


To read others results with e.l.f. and the BBB, click here.


So far, they have resolved all complaints.

Sarah Kay said...

I too am only getting $50 off, so I abandoned the deal.

Anonymous said...

when I saw this deal on other sites it said that the max for that coupon code is $50 so you could do that for the max then get 8 $1 items and you'd end up at $19 for 14 of the smallest cases (or less if you get the bigger ones) and 8 makeup items.